Therapy Cat Ups and Downs at the Assisted Living


Summer's visit to the assisted living residence has some ups and downs.

It was a busy therapy cat day visiting the assisted living home this week. Lots of people were in the big room where I do the visits. Some instructor on the TV was doing chair yoga, and about 3 of the couple dozen residents were following along. That included one of the first ladies I visited. She was sweet and had a Bible sitting next to her. She took a break long enough to give me some pets.

Another of the women practicing the yoga moves was a more recent resident who we recognized. She was sitting next to the woman who likes to get high fives from me, so I got to visit with them both. The high five lady wanted me to be on her lap. My human let her know I’m not the greatest lap kitty (although I love giving those high fives!). But I was good about being on her lap for a little while.

I also visited the nonverbal woman with the heavy hands who loves me lots. Much of the time, a staff member followed us around taking photos of me with the residents. They really love having photos of me with them.

Since this house is for residents suffering from dementia and Alzheimer’s, a lot of the residents aren’t really present, and sometimes my human can see that the ones that are, are deteriorating over time. We used to visit a lot with a woman who loved seeing me so much she would cry. But she has gradually become more and more withdrawn, and on this visit when she saw me, she just looked at me blankly. My human also noticed a couple other regulars weren’t quite as alert as before. And that’s hard on her.

Being a kitty, that sort of thing isn’t important to me. I only care if someone needs some kitty energy or not. And I’m always happy to offer some of that.

These are a few of my other visits to this particular assisted living residence:

Therapy Cat Ups and Downs at the Assisted Living


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