In this article, we explore a selection of 11 homes currently on the market that boast an undeniably eerie ambiance. These properties, steeped in history, offer more than just architectural details; they invite a glimpse into their mysterious pasts. The question of whether these homes are haunted is open for debate and perhaps best left to paranormal experts to decide.

Characteristics of These Mysterious Properties

  • Variety of Locations: The properties range from abandoned palaces to once-lavish homes now exposed to the natural elements.
  • Sense of History: Each location carries a potent reminder of its past, suggesting that the stories of former inhabitants continue to resonate today.

Why Do These Homes Feel Haunted?

According to a feature in Psychology Today, several factors can contribute to the eerie feel of a house:

  • Age: Older properties often come with an eerie reputation.
  • Isolation: Homes that are set apart from usual social surroundings.
  • Abandonment: Properties that have been left uninhabited are more likely to be perceived as haunted.

Explore the Listings

Interested buyers or the merely curious can view these properties for sale. Are you bold enough to consider acquiring one of these unique homes? Each offers a unique glimpse into a different era and potentially, a brush with the paranormal.

Hudson, New York; 1141 Main St

$150,000 was spent.
The Cottage: Originally constructed in 1893 as a two-bedroom apartment with a private entrance, deck, and two outbuildings, this property was formerly known as the parsonage. It sounds like the perfect place for a mother and daughter, or it might be rented out. We think that the apartment is probably haunted by the resentful ghost of someone’s late mother-in-law.

Elkins Park, PA / Ashbourne Road

Expense: $15.5 million
Lynnewood Hall: This 1897 house appears to have been built with ghosts in mind, as seen by the 55 empty rooms that serve as a safe refuge for them to wander. Architect Horace Trumbauer designed it, and it’s located not too far from Philadelphia. We (along with many others) equate it with the Overlook Hotel from “The Shining,” because of the way it looks. The sellers are looking for a developer who would be willing to convert the historic structure into a hotel, museum, concert hall, or residential complex.

S. Main Street, 498, Madison, GA

$449,900 was spent.
Thomason-Foster-Miller House: Completely restored, this 1883 Gothic Revival, Italianate, and Queen Anne home was finished in 1986. The house was severely damaged in a fire in 2001 and required major repairs. On the other hand, the soot-covered interior chambers have the feel of a haunted house.

630 E. Carson Street, Texas, USA

Expense: $230,000
Built in 1896, Hill House Government is a stately five-bedroom home on a corner lot on Government Hill. It has authorized architectural plans and blueprints for remodeling and may even have ghost cowboys living inside.

Pine Street, 1627, Eureka, CA

Expense: $179,000.
Pink Victorian: Just two of the paranormal attractions in the town of Eureka, Northern California, are the haunted Carson home and the ghost of an elderly commander who is frequently seen at nearby Fort Humboldt. So this faded pink Victorian from 1882 fits right in. The four-bedroom house is a ghost of its former glory, despite its many potentials.

Stonewall Street, 110 S., Sutton, WV

Haymond William Edgar Residence: For less money than a midsize SUV, you may own this four-bedroom home from 1884. The asymmetrical Queen Anne was designed by West Virginian architect Edward Bates Franzheim and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. We have a strong suspicion that high school students have issued each other double-dog challenges to stay the night at the house.


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