We had no idea what treasure we would discover when we walked into this old factory: dozens of abandoned classic cars!

This dilapidated two-story industrial building had a dim tunnel inside that resembled a mine. We were shocked to see so many even older cars still in place when we crossed the border!

We are a dedicated pair of photographers who travel the world taking pictures of deserted locations while wearing symbolic yellow jackets!

We both photographed abandoned locations before we met, so our love for what’s left of the past brought us together. The coats have a very unique meaning.

Yellow is a symbol for light, which is what photography is all about. In and of itself, it is a very imaginative, cozy, and happy color. In stark contrast to these locations, which are usually depressing and lifeless, Somehow, yellow gives them new life!

Our curiosity about this idea led us to find old buildings in the middle of bustling metropolitan districts, as well as entire abandoned towns.

The project calls for the preservation of the built history that still exists while also bringing attention to these locations that the majority of the public is unaware of. We also want everyone to understand that there’s still more to learn, that it’s important to keep stepping outside of our comfort zones, and that friendship and love are genuine!

Our ardor for these locations and emotions is evident to all who know us! We constantly getting addresses from people who tell us, “This would be great for the yellow jackets!”


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