Why does my cat groom itself excessively?

Does your cat lick itself continually? Does your cat have patches of fur lacking or hair loss? In that case, your cat is perhaps grooming excessively. Right here we’ll talk about how you can spot indicators of extreme grooming, what is perhaps inflicting your cat to over groom itself and how you can cease it.

Indicators to look out for

There are a number of key indicators to look out for in case you suspect your cat is over-grooming. Be sure you observe your cat and see:

  • Any hair loss or patches of fur lacking?
  • Is any space of your cat’s pores and skin uncooked or irritated?
  • Are they licking, biting or scratching a selected space of their physique obsessively?

In case you discover any of those indicators, it’s vital to schedule a visit to the vet to rule out any well being circumstances. Extreme self-grooming, also called hyperesthesia or psychogenic alopecia, generally is a signal of tension or stress in cats. Now let’s assist your cat out!

Methods to cease extreme grooming in cats

Extreme grooming generally is a results of quite a lot of points however is often related to pores and skin circumstances, underlying well being issues and nervousness or stress.

Overgrooming as a result of a pores and skin situation

Pores and skin circumstances may end up in fixed scratching, licking, biting and overgrooming. Begin with a visit to the vet for therapy. In some instances, extreme grooming generally is a signal of an underlying well being situation. Your veterinarian could prescribe medicine or suggest a change in weight loss program. In case your veterinarian determines that your cat is wholesome, then take into account behavioral causes to your cat’s grooming obsession.

Over grooming as a result of nervousness/stress

In case you suppose extreme grooming is because of nervousness or stress, there are some things you are able to do to assist your cat and cut back stress the place doable. Begin by analyzing your setting. Is it loud and hectic? Does your cat have locations to cover if they need? Are there different animals within the dwelling? Has something modified, like a brand new home, new child, new vital different? In that case, your cat could also be stressed concerning the setting.

Begin by making a serene setting to your cat. Make certain your cat has locations the place they will conceal, like a closet or spare bed room. Preserve the noises down. By no means punish your cat as this might make the issue worse (and it doesn’t work!) – you’ll simply trigger extra stress and smash the bond you will have together with your cat.

In some instances, boredom in cats may cause nervousness and stress. Contemplate whether or not or not your cat is bored or affected by separation nervousness. Be sure they’ve loads of toys and play time with you to launch pent up power. Playtime is a good bonding expertise for you and your cat.

Grooming is a vital a part of cats’ lives, but when it turns into extreme, it needs to be addressed together with your veterinarian first. If well being points are dominated out, take into account your pet’s psychological well being and take the mandatory step as outlined above to appropriate the conduct. In case your cat remains to be having points, take into account consulting with a cat behavioral therapist.

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