What Is the Sturdy Drive?

The robust power or robust nuclear power is likely one of the 4 basic forces of nature, together with gravity, electromagnetism and the weak power. Because the title suggests, the robust power is the strongest power of the 4. It binds basic particles of matter, often called quarks, to kind bigger particles.

However in August 2023, a brand new discovery referred to as the robust power into query. By smashing an isotope of oxygen with a beam of fluorine atoms, physicists have lastly created oxygen-28 — a uncommon type of oxygen long-predicted to be ultrastable. The one downside is that it isn’t. Oxygen-28 decays inside a zeptosecond, or a trillionth of a billionth of a second. This has left physicists baffled, and the Customary Mannequin (the five-decade-old concept of how particles ought to behave) open to doubt.

The robust power within the Customary Mannequin

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