What Does Raccoon Poop Look Like?

Even the stealthiest wild animals go away proof of their passage by the woods and fields, and some of the telltale calling playing cards is the standard turd. Name it scat, droppings, signal, or simply plain previous poop, animal feces could be a useless giveaway {that a} specific species is lively close by. Raccoons aren’t any totally different. In actual fact, resulting from their considerably singular method to waste administration, raccoons are among the many best animals to determine by the droppings they go away behind. However what does raccoon poop seem like?

What does raccoon poop seem like?

So how do you go about figuring out if the scat you’re seeing is from a raccoon? By strategy of elimination, after all.

Location, location, location

Most critters let fly wherever they really feel prefer it (that’s one of many perks of being a wild animal, in spite of everything), however some take a extra strategic method to defecation. Coyotes, for instance, typically drop feces in high-profile spots like path junctures to speak to members of their pack and warn off intruders from different packs. Raccoons are distinctive in concentrating their caca in a single space, creating communal “latrine” websites they return to time and again when nature calls. Discovering a focus of previous and new scat on a downed log or in a tree fork is a positive signal that a number of raccoons are denning close by. Discovering one in your yard or attic will possible require a name to a pest elimination skilled.

Form: What does raccoon poop seem like?

Raccoon poop is normally tube formed (which units it aside from the pellet-shaped droppings of ungulates like deer, elk, and moose) and sometimes segmented or damaged into a number of sections with blunt ends (which units it aside from the tubular, tapered turds left by foxes and coyotes). Raccoon leavings can have a granular look, like molded sand (which distinguishes it from possum and skunk scat). They’ll additionally resemble canine doo, however since a raccoon’s weight loss program is rather more different than your searching canine’s, you’ll possible be capable of inform the distinction primarily based on the following two traits.

Colour and content material: What does raccoon poop seem like?

Raccoons are extremely adaptive omnivores that may eat absolutely anything they will get their paws on. And, no, raccoons don’t “wash” their meals earlier than they eat it, a fantasy so longstanding it’s even integrated into their scientific title, Procyon lotor. Lotor is Latin for “the washerman.” Wildlife biologists imagine that raccoons moist their forepaws to extend the sensitivity of nerves that assist them collect extra sensory details about their meal, and so they exhibit this conduct even when there isn’t a water round.

On account of their extremely different weight loss program, the colour of raccoon feces can fluctuate from black to purple. Berries are a extremely favored meals supply, when in season, and raccoons additionally scavenge useless animals, so their droppings typically reveal giant quantities of undigested matter like seeds and fur. Anybody who has ever arrange a path digital camera over a corn pile to survey the bucks on a searching property is aware of that raccoons additionally compete for a similar ag crops as deer—generally with hilarious outcomes.


Raccoon scat can exhibit a robust musky odor, however when you can odor this, as you’ll learn within the subsequent part, it’s possible you’ll be too shut. 

Well being Hazards

Raccoons carry quite a few parasites which might be transmissible to people and home pets. Among the many most harmful is the roundworm, which has eggs so tiny they will turn into aerosolized and are simply picked up by dealing with and even inhaling infested droppings. These eggs may stay viable for years in contaminated soil. Leptospirosis, a blood an infection attributable to micro organism that may result in bleeding within the whites of the attention and jaundice, is one other widespread raccoon illness. For those who encounter a latrine website whereas out searching, it’s most likely greatest to not look at it too intently. For those who discover one in or close to your private home and are decided to DIY the cleanup undertaking somewhat than name in an professional, the Facilities for Illness Management and Prevention has intensive directions on how to take action safely. Decide first if it appears like raccoon poop, then make security your prime precedence.

Raccoons additionally carry rabies. In accordance with a 2018 survey, they had been the second most incessantly reported rabid wildlife species in the US, accounting for about 30 % of all animal instances, which was second solely to bats. Final yr the U.S. Division of Agriculture used helicopters and airplanes to drop almost 4 million bait packs dosed with an oral rabies vaccine designed to inoculate raccoons in a number of jap and southern states. 

Enjoyable Reality

Whereas raccoons are native to North America, they’re present in some shocking locations across the globe. They had been launched to the Caribbean islands as early as 1650 and have proliferated throughout a lot of Europe since they had been dropped at Germany within the Nineteen Thirties for the fur commerce. Raccoons had been launched to Japan within the Nineteen Sixties and have been reported in Iran since 1991.

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