We may very well be 16 years right into a methane-fueled ‘termination’ occasion important sufficient to finish an ice age

Methane is a robust greenhouse gasoline emitted from each pure and human-caused sources.  (Picture credit score: Reuben Krabbe/ Ascent Xmedia through Getty Photographs)

A dramatic spike in atmospheric methane over the previous 16 years could also be an indication that Earth’s local weather might flip inside many years, scientists have warned.

Giant quantities of methane wafting from tropical wetlands into Earth’s ambiance might set off warming just like the “termination” occasions that ended ice ages — changing frosty expanses of tundra with tropical savanna, a brand new examine finds. Researchers first detected a wierd peak in methane emissions in 2006, however till now, it was unclear the place the gasoline was leaking from and if it constituted a novel pattern.

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