Watch PETA’s ‘God of Struggle Ragnarök’ Viral TikTok

The online game God of Struggle Ragnarök has taken the world by storm, and PETA—being the biggest animal rights group in all 9 realms—weighed in with a viral video on the sport:

Though PETA doesn’t have a Gjallarhorn to sound, we wish to be sure everybody is aware of to not chain up their 60-foot-tall canines within the freezing chilly of Helheim. Kratos and Atreus are a little bit of a blended case—it is best to rescue Lyngbakrs and Hafgufas however undoubtedly not journey wolf sleds—however preventing the hound of Hel is a Bifröst bridge too far. Historical myths could lay the blame on Tyr for having chained Garm up within the first place, however Santa Monica Studio didn’t must make this excellent boy a boss battle!

Fortunately for Garm, with some love, affection, and large magic, he was given a brand new title, a brand new lease on life, and a loving residence with Atreus—however not everyone seems to be as fortunate as he’s. Whereas Garm and the opposite animals in God of Struggle Ragnarök are simply pixels on a display screen, the stakes are actual for animals on this world.

In actuality, canines stored on chains are out of sight and out of thoughts, typically disadvantaged of satisfactory meals, water, and veterinary care—and their emotional and social wants are utterly ignored. Many are denied correct shelter and don’t have anything however an overturned trash bin, plastic barrel, or crate (or nothing in any respect) to guard them from the weather. When chains develop into tangled, canines can’t attain meals, water, shelter, or shade—a scenario that may shortly develop into lethal in excessive warmth or chilly. They by no means know love or what it’s prefer to have a household who cares for them. PETA works arduous each day to make a distinction for these forgotten canines by providing custom-built doghouses, insulating straw bedding, recent water, nutritious meals, and different provides.

Keep in mind, canines are relations, not safety techniques. They should be stored protected inside with you, not chained up or confined to pens. Simply ask your self: What would Atreus do?

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