VIDEO: Animals Undergo at Thai Division Retailer Zoo

Situated on the highest flooring of a division retailer in Bangkok is Pata Zoo—a vacationer lure that’s acknowledged by many as one of many worst zoos on this planet.

This nightmarish facility confines wild animals to barren cages that resemble jail cells for buyers and vacationers to gawk at. It denies animals sunshine, contemporary air, alternatives for train, and significant enrichment, leaving them to resort to enjoying with trash.

A gorilla named Bua Noi has been struggling behind bars in a concrete enclosure at Pata Zoo since 1983. Gorillas like her are social animals who thrive within the firm of different members of their species, however Pata Zoo thwarts this elementary want. For many years, the ability saved Bua Noi on their lonesome in these depressing situations.

Then there’s Kat, an orangutan who needs to be swinging in a jungle cover however as a substitute languishes in a darkish, dingy cage with little alternative for psychological stimulation or bodily train.

Pata Zoo Horrifies Guests

Pata Zoo has obtained a barrage of damaging on-line opinions from guests who had been apparently horrified by the appalling situations. One TripAdvisor reviewer mentioned, “Appalling cruelty. Historical cages. The place stinks. The stuff of nightmares.” One other mentioned, “This place is a jail, animals can’t reside right here, that is horrible.”

You Can Assist Animals Like Bua Noi and Kat

If you wish to assist animals struggling at hellholes like Pata Zoo, you can begin by by no means visiting roadside zoos, marine parks, or some other amenities that exploit wild animals for revenue. Take motion towards among the worst roadside zoos:

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