Unicorn Symbolism & That means (+Totem, Spirit & Omens)

Unicorns might not be actual animals, however this legendary creature is so in style and beloved that its influence is felt all through many human cultures. From artwork to literature to mythology, the unicorn is the last word image of magic, magnificence, and uniqueness. On this article, we’ll study a few of the hottest myths and tales surrounding unicorns in addition to the historical past of this magical horse. Learn on to be taught all in regards to the unicorn!

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Unicorn symbolism and which means

Unicorns signify magic above all else. Unicorns are staples of fairytales and the thought of “believing in unicorns” is synonymous with a perception in magic and a way of childlike marvel and pleasure. On that word, unicorns are additionally symbolic of childhood, innocence and marvel.

Unicorn tales typically affiliate these beasts with pure-hearted maidens. For that reason, unicorns might signify kindness, purity, or femininity. Unicorns are additionally related to fairytales basically. The unicorn symbolizes romance and “fortunately ever afters.”

Unicorns are sometimes discovered as heraldic symbols. The heraldic unicorn is related to braveness and royalty. Probably the most well-known cases of unicorn heraldry is the Scottish unicorn. For that reason, unicorns are carefully related to Scotland. (1)


Like actual horses, unicorns might signify freedom. The horse is usually used as an emblem of freedom and future. As a result of unicorns are simply horses with a bit of additional magic, these elegant equines are equally linked with freedom.

In lots of circumstances, a unicorn represents a uncommon or distinctive particular person. When looking for one thing one-of-a-kind, these uncommon and distinctive issues are generally referred to metaphorically as “unicorns.” A unicorn represents rarity nevertheless it additionally represents individuality. Unicorn symbolism is usually tied to the concept one should embrace the issues which make them stand out from others.

Unicorn Native American symbolism

Native American symbolism doesn’t sometimes embody unicorns. We might not be capable to analyze Native American unicorn symbolism, nevertheless we are able to at the least study the connection between Native American peoples and horses.

It’s broadly believed that Native American tribes didn’t have horses till European explorers launched them to the continent. That is the overall consensus of historians who’ve tracked the actions of domesticated horses all through historical past. Regardless of this, Native American tribes have many legends involving how the horse was created and dropped at the folks. A rising contingent of Natives historians insist that horses existed on the continent and within the lives of Native Individuals earlier than colonization. The fossil file helps this, nevertheless some nonetheless theorize that horses within the Americas went extinct after the Ice Age and have been reintroduced throughout the Age of Exploration. (2)

unicorn illustration

Whereas Native American cultures might not have had widespread myths about unicorns, there are just a few tales which characteristic fantastical horses. In response to a Tejas delusion, all of America’s feral horses got here from a large blue horse which a Spanish explorer dropped at them. The horse was big and fierce and just one Native American man ever dared to trip it. In the future, this man noticed a Spaniard atop a large horse. Scared, the person fired an arrow on the Spaniard and he fell from the horse. The horse turned on the person, however the man didn’t know the phrases that the Spanish used to speak with horses. The injured Spaniard provided to show him to talk to the horse in alternate for his life. The younger man agreed and together with his trainer’s assist turned the primary horseman of the Tejas. As a result of no different Native Individuals may communicate the language of the horse, when his rider finally died they have been too scared to trip him they usually turned him free. He roamed the prairies and had many youngsters which turned the wild horses of the Americas. (3)

This horse delusion, in addition to many different fantastical horse myths, deal with the horse as a present to mankind. The unicorn could also be regarded equally. (4)

Unicorn Japanese Symbolism

The Chinese language “unicorn” is a beast referred to as “Qilin.” The Qilin is usually described as a unicorn, nevertheless this beast seems one thing like a combination between a Chinese language dragon and a horse or ox. Usually, the Qilin is depicted with a single horn, similar to the European unicorn. (5)

The Qilin is related to kindness. It’s mentioned that this beast walks on clouds in order to not hurt a single blade of grass upon the earth. Different tales counsel that the Qilin is able to nice ferocity and violence.

In lots of legends, the Qilin is alleged to represent greatness. This beast is alleged to have the ability to foretell when an individual is able to distinctive issues. Some legends state that the Qilin appeared earlier than Confucius’s pregnant mom with a purpose to predict the unimaginable profession that the unborn thinker would have. (6)


Equally, the unicorn delusion of Japan known as “Kirin.” The Kirin is definitely a Japanese adaptation of the Chinese language Qilin delusion. The Kirin is alleged to be a superb decide of character which, just like the Qilin, can predict a sensible chief. The Kirin is considered mild and really uncommon. The Kirin is usually depicted as extra deer-like than equine. (7)

Unicorn Christianity symbolism

Unicorns might sound type of Pagan, however they really come up surprisingly typically in Christian artwork and iconography. (8

Christian artwork regarding unicorns largely focuses on the incarnation of Christ and the Virgin Mary. A substantial amount of this imagery is probably going because of the historical perception that unicorns are someway drawn in the direction of virgins. In some variations of this story, unicorns can solely be tamed by a virgin and can lash out at or abandon an individual as soon as their virginity is misplaced.

unicorn illustration

Medieval and Renaissance artwork generally depicts Mary alongside of or embracing a unicorn. That is executed to replicate the concept Mary was chosen by God to bear his son due to her distinctive purity and virginity. Thus, the mixture of the unicorn imagery and Mary herself displays Jesus Christ and his start. (9)

Unicorn Celtic symbolism

Horses basically are crucial all through Celtic mythology. Within the Mabinogi, the queen goddess Rhiannon is seen at a distance driving slowly on a horse. The king Pwyll falls in love together with her and tries to method her. Regardless of how briskly he runs, his horse can not catch as much as hers, although her horse is simply strolling. When he lastly calls out to her, she stops they usually marry. Once they have their first youngster, the child is snatched from the cradle simply after being born. Rhiannon is blamed and compelled to hold folks into courtroom on her again, like a horse, as punishment. The stolen youngster is present in a secure and raised alongside horses till he’s sufficiently old and begins to resemble his mom. When he’s returned to her, she is vindicated and her identify is cleared. (10)

Queenship, fertility, magic, and dignity are all concepts related to horses. Unicorns embody these concepts whereas including an additional dimension of magic and marvel.

unicorn illustration

As beforehand talked about, the unicorn is among the prevailing symbols of Scotland. In response to Scottish legend, a virgin alone may tame the fierce and mighty unicorn. As soon as tamed, the maiden may harness the unimaginable therapeutic powers of the unicorn’s horn. Unicorns have been mentioned to have the ability to detect and heal a variety of illnesses and poisons. Unicorns proceed to be related to purification and therapeutic. (11)(12)

Unicorn African symbolism

African unicorn symbolism is usually tied to the Abada. The Abada is a legendary donkey-like creature which is alleged to haven’t one however two magical horns sprouting from its head. What connects the Abada to unicorns most of all is the truth that the horns of the Abada are mentioned to detect and treatment poisons. (13)

unicorn illustration

It was once believed by some Europeans that unicorns have been actual beasts dwelling in Africa. It’s now believed that early guests wrote of unknown creatures just like the giraffe, rhinoceros, and okapi, utilizing phrases that have been acquainted to them. To an outsider, these unusual beasts resembled acquainted legends. (14)

The African symbolism of the unicorn is much like the European. This beast is linked to magic, thriller, therapeutic, and purification.

Unicorn in goals

Unicorn goals can symbolize one’s inside youngster. Dreaming of unicorns is an indication to take heed to your inside youngster’s voice. Method your scenario with child-like marvel and optimism and bear in mind to nurture the playful child inside you.

A unicorn dream might also signify romance or want. Unicorns are sometimes linked with romantic fairytales. A unicorn dream reminds you of the significance of putting a stability between dreaming huge and preserving your expectations sensible.

unicorn illustration

Dreaming of a unicorn might signify religion. As a baby, religion is sufficient to persuade many individuals that magical issues like unicorns exist someplace on the market. As we get older, religion typically begins to really feel inadequate and experiences and proof change into extra vital. A unicorn dream could also be a reminder to return to that trusting state every now and then. Religion can convey consolation and energy throughout troublesome instances. (15)

Unicorn encounters and omens

A unicorn encounter is extraordinarily unlikely to happen in a literal bodily sense. However possibly you’ve been seeing depictions or symbols of unicorns wherever you go. Perhaps you can’t cease picturing the elegant silhouette of the unicorn. In any case, unicorn encounters are considered superb omens which signify that an individual has a pure coronary heart and the potential to do nice issues.

unicorn illustration

A unicorn’s horn is believed to have unimaginable therapeutic properties. For that reason, an encounter with a unicorn could possibly be an indication of an inside wound that wants therapeutic. Unicorn encounters can signify the significance of cathartic therapeutic processes. (16)

Unicorn mythology and folklore

Of all of the world’s legendary animals, the unicorn stands out as the one which has the best maintain on our creativeness.

Alexander The Nice claimed to have ridden one and the British Queen Elizabeth I is alleged to have used a unicorn horn as her consuming cup. Heroes have at all times admired the unicorns’ magnificence, grace, gentleness, energy, and majesty. (17)

unicorn illustration

Many explorers, adventurers, scientists, and anthropologists have tried to uncover an actual unicorn. Whereas no such beast has been found, the pervasive delusion of the unicorn has nonetheless discovered its means into the hearts and imaginations of individuals across the globe. (18)

Unicorn spirit animal

The unicorn spirit animal is related to kindness, empathy, and uniqueness. Individuals with the unicorn as their spirit animal are absolute dreamers. The unicorn spirit animal by no means outgrows their childlike sense of marvel and chooses to convey magic and marvel into even essentially the most mundane and routine actions. (19)

Individuals with the unicorn spirit animal are typically beneficiant and candy with nearly everybody they meet. Regardless of this, the unicorn spirit doesn’t enable its kindness to be taken benefit of. The unicorn spirit animal is a surprisingly shrewd decide of character and is glad to uncover injustice or hidden motives for all of the world to see.

Unicorn totem animal

The unicorn totem is linked with purification and therapeutic. Individuals with this totem animal like to convey peace to the minds, our bodies, and spirits of others. The unicorn totem can not bear to look at somebody undergo.

unicorn illustration

Individuals with this totem animal are referred to as to heal others resulting from their very own excessive empathy. The unicorn totem is usually present in medical professionals, devoted dad and mom, and individuals who pour their hearts into their careers. (20)

Unicorn energy animal

The facility of the unicorn is judgement. The unicorn energy animal can decide what’s in any person’s coronary heart simply by assembly them. Whereas the unicorn is empathetic to folks’s particular person circumstances, this energy animal is glad to see justice served to those that are deceitful or malicious.


Name upon the facility of the unicorn if you find yourself having hassle seeing folks for who they really are. This energy animal will information you down the right path. (21)

Unicorn tattoo which means

A unicorn tattoo is normally chosen to signify childlike marvel, magic, thriller, or fairytales. An individual who chooses a unicorn tattoo might also achieve this to specific their uniqueness and confidence.

unicorn illustration

Many in style fantasy franchises contain unicorns and sure types of unicorn tattoos could also be chosen to replicate an curiosity in such a franchise.

A unicorn tattoo in heraldic model might signify Scottish heritage.


It doesn’t get way more magical than the mighty unicorn. This mystical creature is a fan favourite for kids and storytellers all over the world. Whereas it could appear to be only a horse with a horn, true unicorn followers know that magic is greater than what meets the attention. The unicorn is a robust image of religion, hope, and therapeutic.


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