‘Twisty’ new principle of gravity says info can escape black holes in spite of everything

In astrophysics, there is a saying that “black holes don’t have any hair.” Which means that, within the principle of normal relativity, black holes are exceptionally simplistic objects. All it’s good to describe a black gap is its mass, its electrical cost and its spin price. With these three numbers alone, you could have all the pieces you might ever learn about black holes. In different phrases, they’re bald — they don’t have any additional info.

This side of black holes is extraordinarily irritating to astrophysicists, who desperately wish to perceive how these cosmic behemoths work. However as a result of black holes don’t have any “hair,” there is no approach to be taught extra about them and what makes them tick. Alas, black holes stay among the most puzzling and mysterious objects within the universe.

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