Tortoise beetle larvae use their telescopic anuses to construct shields from shed pores and skin and poop

The larvae tortoise beetle Cassida sphaerula makes use of its telescopic anus to construct a defend produced from shed pores and skin and its personal feces. (Picture credit score: Caroline Simmrita Chaboo/Sally Adam/Kenji Nishida/Luke Schletzbaum)

Like their reptile namesakes, tortoise beetle larvae lug protecting coverings round with them. However fairly than residing beneath domes of bone and keratin, their shields are made from humbler supplies: feces and shed pores and skin. 

Loads of bugs — particularly of their larval varieties — create shelters for themselves. Caddisfly larvae create tubes of stones and sticks, whereas some caterpillars plod alongside encased in silk coated with particles.

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