Threatened Western Quolls Return to Western Australia After 100 12 months Absence

Nezumi Dumousseau (CC license)

Western Australia is seeing the return of western quolls to the wild after disappearing from the state over 100 years in the past.

These long-snouted furry mammals are a part of Australia’s massive number of predatory marsupials who increase their younger in chest pouches, stay in burrows and dens, and hunt at night time.

Within the huge 1,305 km² of Mount Gibson Wildlife Sanctuary in Western Australia, 30 western quolls had been launched earlier this 12 months, and conservationists are already seeing them fan out, settle broad areas, and reproduce.

The Mount Gibson reserve was the sight of the biggest single reintroduction effort in Australian historical past, with 10 totally different animals all being reintroduced to the world—an unlimited achievement for the Australian Wildlife Conservancy which oversaw the undertaking.

“We’re detecting them tons, discovering them in dens, and we’ve now detected females with pouch younger, so we’ve had some profitable breeding,” mentioned senior discipline ecologist Georgina Anderson. “We’re hoping these younger will proceed to develop and contribute to the inhabitants.”

One of many western quolls captured on a digital camera entice on the Mount Gibson reserve – Australian Wildlife Conservancy

Earlier than their launch, 16 of the quolls had been fitted with radio monitoring collars. Whereas frequent in conservation in every thing from massive snakes to small birds, it’s the primary time this methodology has ever been employed to check western quolls.

It’ll enable them to trace a number of quolls concurrently, and study the place they’re residing and looking throughout the reserve.


Whereas many are nonetheless endangered, some Australian mammals are recovering within the largest numbers ever recorded. This consists of animals just like the talperoo, a tiny bandicoot that was returned to Stuart Nationwide Park after 100 years of absence.

Lately, Australia’s Safety and Biodiversity Conservation (EPBC) Act decided that 15 mammals beforehand in want of safety have now recovered sufficient to not require sweeping authorized protections and conservation.

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