The ten Sorts of Squirrels Present in america! (2023)

What sorts of squirrels can you discover in america?

I’ve discovered squirrels trigger a variety of feelings. Some people discover them lovable and love watching their loopy antics!


However many individuals can’t stand having squirrels round, significantly on their hen feeders! These feeding fanatics are always battling these acrobatic rodents to maintain them on the bottom and away from their hen meals.


No matter your private emotions, I believe squirrels are attention-grabbing to find out about. If you’re inquisitive about all of the species that may be discovered close to you, please maintain studying. 🙂


Beneath are the ten sorts of squirrels that dwell in america!


#1. Japanese Grey Squirrel

common squirrels in the united states

Scientific Title: Sciurus carolinensis

Common Size (Together with tail): 16.6 – 21.6 inches / 42 – 55 cm

Weight: 14 – 21 oz / 400 – 600 grams

Lifespan: Adults usually dwell to be about 6 years previous. Some fortunate people can dwell as much as 12 years within the wild, assuming they don’t seem to be eaten by a hawk, owl, bobcat, fox, weasel, feral cat, snake, or human.


The Japanese Grey Squirrel is widespread in america, and one of many squirrels that individuals do battle with essentially the most at their yard hen feeders!


Japanese Grey Squirrel Vary Map

gray squirrel range map


These rodents eat quite a lot of meals, however naturally, their favorites are undoubtedly nuts, resembling acorns, walnuts, and hazelnuts. As winter approaches, Japanese Grey Squirrels begin hiding meals in lots of areas, which offers them diet by means of the colder months. They cover extra meals than they’ll ever discover once more, and a few of these additional seeds will ultimately develop into new timber. Who knew that squirrels might play such an vital position in seed dispersal?


Many individuals have thrown up their arms in defeat as they attempt to cease these acrobatic mammals from taking on the hen feeders of their yard. Japanese Grey Squirrels LOVE birdseed and are relentless once they know a simple meal awaits inside a feeder. Their favourite meals embody sunflower seeds, peanuts, and corn.

types of squirrels in the united states

Within the wild, these squirrels are present in giant, dense deciduous forests stuffed with mature timber (oaks, hickories) that produce plenty of nuts! However these adaptable critters are equally snug residing in suburban and concrete neighborhoods, parks, and farms!


Whereas this squirrel is native to the jap United States, they’re truly an invasive species in different elements of the nation and world. Japanese Grey Squirrels are particularly problematic in lots of elements of Europe as a result of they outcompete and displace their native squirrels, such because the extremely cute Eurasian Pink Squirrel.


Some grey squirrels are black!


Sure, I understand that it’s a bit unusual that some Japanese Grey Squirrels have black fur, however it’s true! These black squirrels seem as a morph, and genetically talking, it’s believed to outcome from a defective pigment gene. Nobody is de facto positive why the black morph advanced, however a number of theories have been supplied. Some scientists assume it might be a selective benefit for squirrels that inhabit the northern ranges to assist them take up warmth for the reason that shade of black conducts warmth greatest.


Whatever the motive, seeing a black squirrel is extremely superior! I’m fortunate sufficient to see them nearly each day in my yard, hanging out with their grey counterparts.


#2. American Pink Squirrel

american red squirrel - species of squirrels in the united states


Scientific Title: Tamiasciurus hudsonicus

Common Size (Together with tail): 11- 14 inches / 28 – 35.5 cm

Weight: 7.1–8.8 oz / 200–250 g

Lifespan: They expertise extreme mortality throughout their first yr, as solely about 20% of infants survive. For people that survive the primary yr, the typical lifespan continues to be solely 2.3 years, with a most lifespan of 8 years. Predators embody bobcats, coyotes, hawks, owls, foxes, American Martens, and Canadian Lynxes.


The American Pink Squirrel is widespread throughout america and simple to determine when in comparison with different squirrel species. Because the title suggests, they’ve a reddish shade and white stomach that makes them simple to differentiate. Dimension-wise, they’re each MUCH smaller than each grey and fox squirrels however bigger than chipmunks.


American Pink Squirrel Vary Map

american red squirrel range map


These squirrels are primarily present in coniferous forests as a consequence of their food regimen, which consists of seeds from evergreen timber. However they’re equally at house in deciduous forests, backyards, parks, and concrete areas, the place they modify their food regimen to eat meals resembling berries, hen eggs, acorns, hazelnuts, mushrooms, mice, and sunflower seeds from yard hen feeding stations. American Pink Squirrels actually have a candy tooth and are recognized to faucet maple timber to allow them to eat the sugar from the sap!


These squirrels are BEST recognized for his or her aggressive character!


Press PLAY to listen to the sounds of an American Pink Squirrel!


Once I go climbing, I nearly all the time see at the very least one American Pink Squirrel, as they don’t seem to be shy creatures. As quickly as I’m noticed, the squirrel usually runs up a tree to sit down after which begins making loud chattering noises to alert the entire forest to my presence!


And regardless of their small dimension, these squirrels run the present in the event that they present as much as your hen feeders. I’ve personally witnessed these feisty rodents thrust back greater than FIVE Japanese Grey Squirrels away from my feeding station in order that they’ll have the place to themselves. (Watch the video under to see for your self!)


Feeding birds is a problem with these squirrels round!


From a hen feeding perspective, American Pink Squirrels current distinctive challenges if you wish to forestall them from consuming your birdseed. Right here’s why:

red squirrels

  • These squirrels are sufficiently small to suit by means of most caged hen feeders. These feeders are designed to forestall bigger squirrels (Japanese Grey, Fox) from becoming by means of whereas nonetheless permitting small songbirds to eat.


  • Many hen feeders have been designed to be weight-sensitive and shut if sufficient weight, like that from a squirrel, sits on the perch. As a result of American Pink Squirrels are so small and lightweight, they don’t pressure the perch to shut on many feeders, which permits them to eat as a lot as they need.


Harm attributable to an American Pink Squirrel!


  • These feisty squirrels will do nearly ANYTHING to get entry to the place you retailer your hen meals. For instance, I maintain my seed saved in a shed, both in metallic bins or plastic 5-gallon buckets with lids. As you may see from the harm above, American Pink Squirrels are the one animals at my home that chew by means of onerous plastic to get to the seed. Fortunately, they haven’t found out learn how to chew by means of metallic… but. 🙂


#3. Fox Squirrel

fox squirrel


Scientific Title: Sciurus niger

Common Size (Together with tail): 17.7 – 27.6 inches / 45 – 70 cm

Weight: 1.1 – 2.2 kilos  / 500 – 1000 grams

Lifespan: Captive Fox Squirrels have been recognized to dwell as much as 18 years. Within the wild, their most lifespan is 12.6 years for females and eight.6 years for males. Nevertheless, people not often dwell that lengthy as a consequence of overhunting, illness from mange mites, extreme winter climate, or predation from foxes, coyotes, and birds of prey.


Fox Squirrels are the biggest tree squirrel in america.


Fox Squirrel Vary Map

fox squirrel range map


These squirrels, that are native to many of the jap United States, can adapt to many various habitats. They’re most frequently present in small patches of deciduous forests that embody timber that produce their favourite meals, that are acorns, walnuts, pecans, and hickory nuts. To organize for winter, they cover caches of those nuts everywhere to be eaten later when the climate turns chilly.


Sadly, Fox Squirrels have been launched to many areas out west the place they don’t seem to be native, together with California, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, Colorado, North Dakota, Washington, New Mexico, British Columbia, and Ontario. Fox Squirrels are placing stress on native squirrel species as a consequence of their capability to outcompete them.


Fox Squirrels appear to thrive round individuals.

common fox squirrels


Subsequently, they’re generally present in city parks and neighborhoods. For instance, Fox Squirrels have been a daily sight everywhere in the campus (Baldwin-Wallace College) the place I went to school, and adoringly cherished by each college students and college!


You’ll doubtless see Fox Squirrels foraging on the bottom, as they spend a lot of their time there. However don’t let this truth idiot you, since they’re nonetheless expert climbers. Along with scaling timber, they’ll simply climb a hen feeder pole to get entry to birdseed. 🙂


Most Fox Squirrels comply with the identical coloration, which is a grayish-brown fur coat with orange hair on their stomach and on the sting of their tail. However these squirrels have extremely variable colorations, relying on location. For instance, the Delmarva Fox Squirrel, which is native to a number of states within the east, is grey on high with a white stomach, whitish ft, and a grey tail with white frosting. Within the southeast, a subspecies known as Sherman’s Fox Squirrels are discovered with black heads that distinction with a white nostril and ears, together with fur coats that vary in shade from grey to black.


Fox Squirrels are unimaginable jumpers!

WATCH squirrels leaping about 10 ft to my hen feeders!


They’ll leap as much as 15 ft horizontally. Should you don’t need these squirrels in your hen feeders, then you must keep in mind this truth. Place your feeding station away from locations that squirrels can use as a launchpad, resembling timber, fences, and constructions. On a aspect be aware, the squirrels within the video above are Japanese Grey Squirrels, NOT Fox Squirrels. Regardless, I assumed it demonstrated my level that these athletic rodents can leap REALLY FAR!


#4. Abert’s Squirrel

aberts squirrel


Scientific Title: Sciurus aberti

Common Size (Together with tail): 18 – 23 inches / 46 to 58 cm

Weight: 19 – 34 oz / 540 – 971 g


The ears on an Abert’s Squirrel, that are additionally known as Tassel-eared Squirrels, are distinctive, and it’s onerous to mistake in case you see one. Simply search for lengthy tufts of hair on every ear (besides that the tufts disappear in summer time)! As well as, they’ve a darkish grey coat, pure white underbelly, and a noticeable rusty brown patch of fur on their again. They appear loads just like the lovable Eurasian Pink Squirrel, besides for his or her shade.


Abert’s Squirrels are discovered within the Western United States, primarily residing in coniferous forests near their favourite tree, the Ponderosa Pine.


Abert’s Squirrel Vary Map

aberts squirrel range map


Ponderosa Pines play an vital position within the lifetime of Abert’s Squirrels.


The truth is, these timber present the whole lot from meals to nesting to safety from predators!


Whereas these squirrels eat all kinds of meals, Ponderosa Pines are their favourite and their major diet all through your entire yr. In heat months, the seeds and buds are consumed. Extremely, a single squirrel can eat the seeds from as much as 75 pine cones per day!


Throughout colder months, Abert’s Squirrels eat the interior bark of the particular tree, along with twigs. In winter, on common, about 45 twigs are eaten day-after-day!


The Ponderosa Pine offers such a constant meals supply all year long, the Abert’s Squirrel not often shops any meals for winter. This habits is extremely distinctive relating to squirrels!


Females will construct twig nests, which resemble giant, messy hen nests, on the branches of Ponderosa Pines. Adults will even use these shelters year-round for nightly safety. These squirrels would use a cavity, however pines not often have holes large enough for nesting functions.



Abert’s Squirrels and Ponderosa Pines go hand in hand. These pine timber not solely present meals and nesting areas, however their interlocking canopies function safety towards predators. Animals resembling hawks, significantly the Northern Goshawk, hunt these squirrels recurrently.


Lastly, these lovable squirrels have a candy tooth!


In spring, it’s attainable to see them licking the sugary sap off the bark of Boxelder Timber, that are associated to maples.


#5. Western Grey Squirrel

western gray squirrel


Scientific Title: Sciurus griseus

Common Size (Together with tail): 17 – 24 inches / 43 – 61 cm

Weight: 12.3 – 35 oz / 350 – 992 grams

Lifespan: Adults can dwell as much as 8 years previous.


The Western Grey Squirrel has a restricted vary and may solely be discovered on the western coast of america and elements of Mexico. These squirrels love residing within the forest and are discovered at elevations as much as 8,200 ft (2,500 m).

  • You may even see this species known as the Silver-gray Squirrel, California Grey Squirrel, Oregon Grey Squirrel, Columbian Grey Squirrel, or the Banner-tail, relying on location.


Western Grey Squirrel Vary Map


Although the Western Grey Squirrel seems to be much like the Japanese Grey Squirrel, their personalities are completely different. For instance, the western species are usually shy and can run up a tree when disturbed. As soon as there, they offer a hoarse chirping sound on the intruder, together with tail flicking and foot-stomping. Due to their shyness, Western Grey Squirrels usually don’t trouble hen feeders as a lot as different squirrel species!


These squirrels face a number of threats which have affected their inhabitants.


  • Habitat loss as a consequence of wildfires and urbanization. These creatures are inherently shy and don’t adapt as nicely to people as different squirrel species.


  • A illness known as Notoedric Mange, attributable to mites, generally is a large drawback for these squirrels and trigger many deaths.


  • Competitors with different squirrel species is a large menace! Populations of the extra aggressive and non-native Japanese Grey Squirrels and Fox Squirrels have been launched through the years, which has been extraordinarily detrimental. The Western Grey Squirrel has needed to retreat farther and farther again into distant mountain habitats the place competitors just isn’t so robust. Southern California, specifically, has been ravaged by the Fox Squirrel.


#6. Arizona Grey Squirrel

arizona gray squirrel


Scientific Title: Sciurus arizonensis

Common Size (Together with tail): ~20 inches / ~50 cm

Weight: ~23 oz / ~567 grams


The Arizona Grey Squirrel has a small vary and solely lives in elements of Arizona and New Mexico. These squirrels are usually discovered at increased elevations within the mountains. Search for them by rivers in deciduous woods close to timber that produce their favourite meals, that are acorns, walnuts, and pine cones.


Arizona Grey Squirrel Vary Map

arizona gray squirrel range map


Apparently, the breeding exercise of those squirrels is correlated with the blooming of flowers! These mammals love feasting on flowers, and the diet and nutritional vitamins inside assist maintain the power calls for required for replica.


Not a lot is understood concerning the standing of the Arizona Grey Squirrel, as they’re shy and onerous to review as a result of they dwell within the mountains. But it surely’s thought that their inhabitants has declined, due to a couple causes.


First, these squirrels, like most animals, have skilled habitat loss. Second, it appears they’re being out-competed by the bigger Abert’s Squirrel, because it extends its vary. Arizona Grey Squirrels usually are not at the moment on the Endangered Species Checklist, however they could find yourself there ultimately.


#7. Douglas Squirrel

douglas squirrel


Scientific Title: Tamiasciurus douglasii

Common Size (Together with tail): 13 inches / 33 cm

Weight: 5.25 to 10.5 oz / 150 – 300 grams

Lifespan: Not a lot is understood about how lengthy these squirrels dwell, however their primary predators embody feral cats, American Martens, bobcats, hawks, and owls.


The Douglas Squirrel is discovered solely within the Pacific Northwest, alongside the coast from the Sierra Mountains in California to southern British Columbia. The Douglas Squirrel and the extra widespread American Pink Squirrel are comparable and occupy the identical ecological area of interest. It’s uncommon to seek out these two squirrels in the identical territory, and the place one squirrel vary ends, the opposite usually begins.


Douglas Squirrel Vary Map

douglas squirrel range map


Apparently, this energetic squirrel adjustments its look all year long. Throughout summer time, the backs of Douglas Squirrels are grayish or nearly greenish-brown, whereas its stomach and chest are pale orange. Within the winter, the coat adjustments to turn out to be extra brown and grey, and the ears seem to have extra of a tufted look than they do in summer time.


Douglas Squirrels are noisy by nature!


If a predator or menace is noticed, they use a wide selection of calls to warn everybody within the forest of the upcoming hazard.


These pine squirrels primarily dwell in coniferous forests as a consequence of their most well-liked food regimen of seeds from Douglas Firs, Sitka Spruces, and Shore Pine timber. However they will even eat acorns, mushrooms, berries, and hen eggs when obtainable.


Hoarders, by nature, the Douglas Squirrel, will usually use one location to retailer as a lot meals as attainable. Because the squirrel peels scales off of pinecones to get to the seeds, the scales begin to accumulate on the bottom. Over time, it’s widespread for big piles, typically over a number of meters broad, to type as generations of squirrels might use the identical location. Should you discover considered one of these piles of discarded pine scales, it’s a positive signal {that a} squirrel is close by!


Apparently, typically their storage areas are raided by people. These burglars need to steal inexperienced pine cones, that are then offered to nurseries who need the recent seeds to plant. Fortunately, it appears this exercise has not affected the inhabitants of Douglas Squirrels.

douglas squirrel

Lastly, search for a definite black stripe on the perimeters of those squirrels in summer time, which fades or goes away fully in winter.


Flying Squirrels


Once I first heard about flying squirrels, I didn’t consider the particular person describing them to me.

common types of flying squirrels


You see, I’m exterior loads and take delight in making an attempt to know and determine as a lot native wildlife as attainable. So after I was advised that there are small squirrels that glide from tree to tree at evening and are not often ever seen, I used to be a bit skeptical.


However after some analysis, I used to be amazed to find out about flying squirrels!


The truth is, these distinctive mammals are literally extremely widespread in america. However since these squirrels are small, nocturnal, and dwell on the tops of timber, they’re RARELY seen.


Do flying squirrels truly fly?


Let’s clear up essentially the most generally requested query about flying squirrels. Whereas the title implies in any other case, these creatures don’t have wings, nor can they fly. What they do have are folds of pores and skin beneath their arms, known as a patagium, which extends from their wrists all the way in which to their ankles.


This membrane permits these squirrels to “glide” from tree to tree. So their gliding may give that impression that they’re flying.


In america, there are THREE flying squirrel species you may observe:


#8. Northern Flying Squirrel

northern flying squirrel


Scientific Title: Glaucomys sabrinus

Common Size (Together with tail): 9.8 – 14.6 inches / 25 – 37 cm

Weight: 3.9 – 8.1 oz  / 110 – 230 grams

Lifespan: Not a lot is understood, however plainly most people dwell lower than 4 years. Owls are their primary predator, which is sensible since each species are nocturnal.


These squirrels have cinnamon or gentle brown coloured fur, with whitish fur on their stomach. You’ll discover their large black eyes, which assist them see at evening!


Northern Flying Squirrel Vary Map

northern flying squirrel range map


To discover a Northern Flying Squirrel, you will want to look in forests dominated by conifer timber.


Southern Flying Squirrels, that are carefully associated, desire residing in deciduous forests. Due to this truth, these two species not often have ranges that overlap.


Whereas these nocturnal rodents eat nuts and acorns like typical diurnal tree squirrels, it’s not the vast majority of their food regimen. Apparently, fungi (mushrooms) and lichens are their primary supply of diet. Another meals which might be eaten embody bugs, hen eggs, and tree sap.

Not like most different squirrels, Northern Flying Squirrels don’t collect and retailer a lot meals for winter. Since they don’t hibernate and are lively throughout the entire yr, there may be not as massive a necessity as different squirrel species to cache meals. However when temperatures do drop in winter, it’s widespread for a lot of particular person squirrels to come back collectively to assist one another keep heat!


It’s uncommon to seek out these squirrels on the bottom since they’re extremely clumsy walkers. If a predator approaches, they’ll usually attempt to cover as an alternative of run away. Most of their time is spent on the tops of timber, gliding from department to department. Their common size of glides is between 16 – 82 ft (5 – 25 meters). I want these squirrels could possibly be seen in the course of the day as a result of watching them glide these distances could be unimaginable to see!


#9. Southern Flying Squirrel

southern flying squirrel


Scientific Title: Glaucomys volans

Common Size (Together with tail): 8.3 – 10.2 inches / 21 – 26 cm

Weight: 2- 3 oz  / 56 – 85 grams

Lifespan: On common, they dwell just some years, and it’s uncommon for a person to see the age of 5. Predators embody owls, hawks, snakes, bobcats, raccoons, foxes, and home cats.


Should you ever see one throughout daylight, you’ll get to look at fur that’s reddish-brown or grey, whereas its stomach is cream white. Massive, black eyes take up a lot of their head, which is required to assist them see at evening. Southern Flying Squirrels are a bit smaller than their cousins, Northern Flying Squirrels.


Southern Flying Squirrel Vary Map

southern flying squirrel range map


Southern Flying Squirrels are widespread within the jap United States.


However regardless that they’re widespread, nearly no one is aware of they exist or sees them! Like different flying squirrels, this species is nocturnal and spends most of its time within the canopies of deciduous forests.


Southern Flying Squirrels usually go to hen feeders at evening, feeding on sunflower seeds and peanuts. Fortunately, I’ve a digicam that watches my hen feeding station, and it has unimaginable evening imaginative and prescient! Take a look at the video under to see one come down from the timber and keep for dinner. 🙂

If you wish to watch extra LIVE hen feeder cameras, take a look at this submit -> 8 LIVE Hen Feeder Cams From Across the World!

These squirrels are extraordinarily social and are sometimes noticed foraging, gliding, and resting collectively in giant teams. In winter, teams of as much as 20 animals come collectively in a single nest to preserve power and keep heat.


#10. Humboldt’s Flying Squirrel


Scientific Title: Glaucomys oregonensis

Common Size (Together with tail): ~ 12 inches / ~ 30 cm


The Humboldt’s Flying Squirrel is definitely a brand new species! These squirrels, which dwell in coniferous forests in southern British Columbia, Washington, Oregon, and northern California, have been all the time considered Northern Flying Squirrels. However after in depth DNA evaluation in 2017, it was decided that these squirrels differed sufficient to be categorized as their very own separate species!


Humboldt’s Flying Squirrel Vary Map

humboldts flying squirrel range map


Total, Humboldt’s and Northern Flying Squirrels look extremely comparable. The one distinction in look is that Humboldt’s are a bit smaller and have barely darker fur. These slight dimension and shade variations are what initially inspired scientists to run DNA assessments. To the untrained eye, it’s nearly not possible to inform them aside!


Humboldt’s Flying Squirrels are what’s known as a “cryptic species.” This implies they give the impression of being nearly similar to a different species however are thought of completely different and may’t interbreed.


Now that we all know they’re completely different species, scientists are working onerous to determine what retains them aside from each other. Do they inhabit barely completely different habitats? Are their distinctive behaviors or specialties that maintain them from competing? 


Which of those squirrels have you ever seen earlier than in america?


Depart a remark under!


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