The Staffordshire Panther: is the British countryside actually teeming with large cats?

Title: The Staffordshire Panther.

Age: Unknown

Look: Feline

I’ve seen loads of cats earlier than. What’s particular about this one? It’s large.

How large precisely? In regards to the measurement of a panther.

And big cats the dimensions of panthers are alleged to be simply dwelling in our countryside, are they? Sure. The makers of Panthera Britannia Declassified, a brand new documentary on Amazon Prime, declare to have found the clearest ever {photograph} of a giant cat within the British countryside: a panther-like creature mendacity within the lengthy grass in Smallthorne, Staffordshire. It’s most likely the very best photograph of a British large cat that exists.

So when was this photograph taken precisely? In line with the documentary-makers who found the photograph within the recordsdata of a zoology organisation, the photograph is dated 17 March. However it doesn’t say what yr.

And also you’re positive that’s not only a photograph of a home home cat, however up shut? No! Have a look at it! It’s undoubtedly the dimensions of a panther.

Or perhaps in Smallthorne, the thorns are simply actually small, which makes the cats look actually large? You’re starting to bother me now.

This all sounds a bit just like the Beast of Bodmin to me. The place does this concept that enormous cats are roaming our countryside come from? They’re typically believed to have been unlawful unique pets that have been launched into the wild after the introduction of the Harmful Wild Animals Act 1976.

Ah, the summer time of ’76. I bear in mind it nicely. So, primarily, the animals individuals are seeing right this moment are the offspring of deserted pets.

What’s flawed with the odd big cat roaming the countryside? Nicely, after the Beast of Exmoor apparently ate 100 of 1 farmer’s sheep in three months in 1983, the Day by day Specific provided a monetary reward for video footage of the creature, whereas the federal government took the weird step of deploying a workforce of Royal Marine snipers to hunt it down.

Did they discover it? No.

Do you’ve any extra proof that large cats are on the market? Nicely, the Amazon documentary additionally presents DNA proof proving the presence of not less than one wild large cat close to a sheep-kill in Gloucestershire in July 2022.

Hmmm, I’m nonetheless not satisfied. You’ll be telling me that Bigfoot exists subsequent. Or aliens. They do! Haven’t you been studying all concerning the UFO whistleblower giving testimony to the US Congress?

And what am I alleged to do if I discover a big cat sitting on my garden? Do what anybody who’s British would do: shut the curtains and hope it goes away.

Do say: “I’m an IAMS cat. I’m greater than only a cat.”

Don’t say: “Right here, kitty, kitty.”

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