The Most Frequent Myths About Cats and Canine Revealed in New Ballot–and Whether or not They’re True – Good Information Community

A brand new survey of pet mother and father appeared into among the hottest myths about pet care—and a few might shock you.

A whopping 92 p.c of respondents nonetheless imagine myths about their furry buddies, based on the ballot of two,000 canine and cat house owners.

Opposite to standard perception, 68% of canine mother and father didn’t know {that a} wagging tail doesn’t all the time sign happiness. Wags may also signify curiosity or alertness.

One other 38% falsely imagine {that a} chilly, moist nostril means a canine is wholesome. In actuality, a moist nostril can merely be a results of a canine licking it, which may enhance their sense of odor.

Equally, 42% of cat mother and father incorrectly imagine that their feline buddies can see in full darkness. Whereas cats can see in very low gentle, they can’t see in whole darkness.

One other frequent delusion is that cats all the time land on their toes, which 41% imagine to be true—however a cat’s skill to land on 4 paws can depend upon its general well being and wellness.

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Commissioned by Stella & Chewy’s, the random double-opt-in survey performed by OnePoll discovered that pet house owners nonetheless comply with sure pointers they imagine about their pet’s weight-reduction plan.

One frequent delusion is that each one human meals is unhealthy for pets, which is fake. Seven in 10 pet mother and father admit to feeding their pet human meals generally—with canine mother and father being more than likely to take action (77% vs. 54% of cat house owners).

Many cat mother and father had been underneath the impression that cats shouldn’t eat any human meals (30%). Nevertheless, there are some human meals that cats can safely eat, like tuna, salmon, lean meat, cheese, spinach, bananas, berries, carrots, melon, scrambled eggs, and rice.

Everybody has heard the favored perception that cats get pleasure from milk, however individuals must also remember that some cats are literally lactose illiberal.

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“Half of pet mother and father admitted that they don’t know a lot about uncooked diets,” mentioned Nelson. “Frozen uncooked and freeze-dried uncooked pet meals are two nice different weight-reduction plan choices for pets, and have a big selection of advantages together with elevated vitality and powerful joint well being,” mentioned Rob Nelson, Vice President at Stella & Chewy’s. “A uncooked weight-reduction plan can also be the closest factor to a pet’s ancestral weight-reduction plan and is straightforward to serve.”

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