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After we introduced dwelling our beloved kitten, Skylar, in April 2022 he needed to regulate to some huge adjustments in his life, as all kittens going to new houses do. One of many greatest that involved us was leaving his mama and three littermates, together with all of the scents of the opposite kitties his breeder lovingly cared for, in her dwelling. In his new dwelling with us, Skylar can be an solely cat. Nonetheless, he’d be sharing his new dwelling with just a few different furry buddies – a 13-year-old pug named Mab and a 10-year-old chinchilla named Chinch.

Skylar - Ragdoll of the Week Skylar and Mab
Picture credit score: Skylar and Mab Used with permission for Floppycats.

Skylar, a Ragdoll cat, and His Unlikely Buddies

Skylar had by no means met every other furry critters in addition to cats, so together with being a bit anxious about how he’d do with acclimating to his new dwelling and household, we questioned how he’d react to a canine and chinchilla. Predictably, his first sighting of Mab was a bit scary for him, and he reared again into my arms and did a bit kitten hiss at her. It was really fairly cute! Being half deaf and blind, she didn’t even discover him immediately. Over the following few weeks, his daring and curious traits gained out, and he cautiously approached her. Earlier than lengthy, he was snuggling subsequent to her in her canine mattress and on her favourite recliner. She wasn’t too certain about this at first, however he was very insistent that he needed one other furry physique to nap subsequent with. It turned a standard sight to see them in the identical mattress collectively. It melted our hearts to see how he persistently sought out her firm till she lastly accepted him as her snuggle buddy.

Our larger concern was what would occur between Skylar and Chinch. Chinch has been with us since she was 4 months outdated. She’s very daring and tremendous social and craves consideration from her human household as quickly because the solar begins to go down, being a nocturnal creature. She loves consideration a lot, and we love giving it to her a lot that she lives within the household room in the principle a part of the home. We can not imagine how a lot we love this candy rodent! She has a five-foot-tall cage with 4 ranges. When she’s awake and searching for dinner and firm, she noisily runs up and down the degrees and to the locations closest to us. She tries to draw our consideration and begs us to come back over and provides her rubs and scratches – and dinner! Chinchillas are roughly the dimensions of a giant guinea pig and look type of like a short-eared rabbit, so she’s laborious to overlook when she’s dashing round and working on her wheel. Skylar was immediately interested in her.

Pure roles of cat and chinchilla are predator and prey. Chinch has loads of ranges and house in her cage to get away from Skylar, however as a kitten, we knew he’d have the ability to match a leg in between the bars. Exploring the principle ground throughout a break from his protected room on his second day with us, he seen her. She had woken as much as see what this new furry creature was about. We watched rigorously as he crept nearer to research this large rabbit-like factor. She was a couple of third of the dimensions of 12-week-old Skylar, and he or she was interested by him as nicely. She peered at him from the protection of her wheel at first, however by the tip of the day, she was going as much as the bars of her cage to see what this new critter was all about.

Skylar and Chinch
Picture credit score: Skylar and Chinch -Used with permission for Floppycats.
Skylar and Chinch
Picture credit score: Skylar and Chinch – Used with permission for Floppycats.

Chinch was as concerned about Skylar as he was in her. Fairly quickly, they have been going nose-to-nose by means of the bars. She might again off and climb up increased to get away from him if wanted, however we frightened he might get a swipe at her by means of the bars. He stayed in his protected room once we weren’t dwelling and in the course of the night time and we stored a detailed eye on them when he was out in the home.

Chinch didn’t appear notably frightened about him. She’d go about her enterprise on all the degrees, and he was hanging round her cage increasingly when she was awake. Her cage was nestled in opposition to the nook of the stairway resulting in the second ground. Skylar was changing into obsessed together with her. He quickly realized that he might get higher views and entry to a better cage degree by climbing the staircase. He additionally began eyeballing the highest of her cage, searching for angles to make a leap. Time to maneuver the cage additional out from the staircase to offer her more room from him! He continued to observe her from the ground and vantage factors on the staircase however couldn’t attain the cage from the staircase.

Ragdoll kitten on stairs looking at a Chinchilla in a cage
Picture credit score: Skylar and Chinch Used with permission for Floppycats.
Skylar and Chinch
Picture credit score: Skylar and Chinch Used with permission for Floppycats.

Chinch, in the meantime, was changing into very concerned about Skylar. She loves consideration and didn’t appear fazed that she was getting it from one thing which may need to play predator and prey together with her. She’d go nostril to nostril with him typically, and if she had sufficient of him she’d rush the bars of the cage close to him and “chuff” at him. He’d again off a bit, and he or she thought it was fairly enjoyable to place him in his place.

Ragdoll kitten pawing at at Chinchilla in a cage
Picture credit score: Skylar and Chinch Used with permission for Floppycats.

On occasion, he’d stick a paw by means of the bars of the cage to attempt to contact her. He’s fairly big-boned and, fortunately, couldn’t attain in very far, and now at 15 months, he can’t get rather more than his paw in. However he’ll attempt to attain her, and if she lets him, gently contact her facet with simply the pads of his paw.

Nowadays it’s frequent to see them visiting with one another within the evenings. We nonetheless have the cage moved out from the staircase, however now he’s large enough to stretch over from the steps to go to together with her on a better degree. Chinch runs over to him when he goes as much as her cage, and he visits her from the staircase to say good day. They typically go nostril to nostril, and he may gently attain in and contact her comfortable, furry facet. He reveals no real interest in her as prey, and he or she doesn’t have any issues about him being a predator. Whereas I’d by no means enable her to be round him outdoors of the cage, they love their friendship by means of the bars. We like it too!

Skylar and Chinch
Picture credit score: Skylar and Chinch Used with permission for Floppycats.
Ragdoll cat touching nose to Chinchilla
Picture credit score: Skylar and Chinch nostril to nostril Used with permission for Floppycats.

Skylar has melted our hearts by making buddies with our critters, who will not be conventional kitty buddies. Most of all, he loves his folks, and we love all of them again.

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