Separating Canine from Cat Bowls and Kitty Litter

In case you have a canine and a cat in your house, you’ll know that one of many greatest issues usually is them combating – it’s stopping your canine from raiding the cat’s meals bowls. And so they usually wish to dig round in cat litter packing containers too. Listed here are some methods to maintain your canine away out of your kitty’s areas.

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Cat-friendly Gates

Carlson Extra Wide Walk Through Gate with Pet Door

You should purchase gates that work in the identical approach as a child gate however have a secondary smaller door inbuilt that’s a great measurement for cats however will hold most breeds of canine at bay. These gates match nearly any house too.

Cat Doorways

Purrfect Portal Door with Brush February 2021 Giveaway cat door installation

If you would like a everlasting answer, set up a cat door in your present doorways or partitions. These small doorways permit cats by way of, however no greater animals, so simply hold the doorways to the cat’s bowls and trays closed, and also you’ll haven’t any points.

Canine-proof Latches

Door Buddy Door Latch Plus Door Stopper

A extra non permanent answer is to make use of a dog-proof latch in your door. These peel and stick with the door and body, stopping it from opening far sufficient for a canine to get by way of throughout meal instances.

Elevate the Bowl

If the issue is simply with meals bowls, attempt placing them in the next place. Cat bushes are nice for this – the cat can dine in peace, and the canine can’t attain it. This works effectively for smaller canine breeds the place different strategies are ineffective.

Select a Canine-proof Feeding Station

Dog Proof Cat Feeding Station Meowspace

An alternative choice is to get a feeding station as a non-public enclosure on your cat. It has an automated cat door that works along with your cat’s microchip, so even small canine can’t get inside.

Automated Cat Feeders

Cat Feeder SureFeed Microchip Pet Feeder by SureFlap Promotional Code FLOPPYCAT15

These work equally to a non-public feeding station however are only a feeding bowl with a canopy. The duvet solely opens when your cat’s chip is detected – so canine can’t steal all of the meals.

Strive a Puzzle Feeder

CatAmazing Puzzle Toy for Cats

Puzzle feeders are toys designed to assist cats sluggish their consuming and stimulate their brains concurrently. However the small holes additionally work effectively while you need to cease canine from consuming the meals.

Lined Litter Containers

Petmate Booda Dome Clean Step Cat Litter Box 3 Colors

In case your canine likes to research – or worse, snack from – the litter field, get one with a canopy that your canine can’t take away. This retains your cat feeling secure when doing their enterprise.

Automated Litter Containers

three different litter boxes next to eachother

Use an automated self-cleaning litter field to cease your canine from entering into the used litter. Most of those litter packing containers are coated, however even those who aren’t will routinely transfer your cat’s waste right into a coated bin the place the canine can’t get it.

Litter Field Enclosures

Just like the meals enclosures, you should use these as non-public areas solely your cat can entry by way of an automated cat door.

Don’t Preserve Meals and Litter Collectively

Whereas placing meals bowls and litter packing containers in the identical non-public enclosure could also be tempting, don’t. It’d cease your canine from attending to each, but it surely’s not hygienic on your cat.

Keep away from Spicy Deterrents

Some individuals advocate peppers or sizzling sauce to discourage canine, however you shouldn’t. If the canine does eat the spicy meals, they might endure digestive issues, and cats might by accident ingest it, too, particularly if it will get onto their paws.

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“My preliminary thought once I first noticed the Litter- Robotic was…that factor is MASSIVE. Little did I do know, it is likely one of the smartest and handiest cat innovations my sister has had me check to date. I work away from my house a great portion of the day and the Litter-Robotic has been a lifesaver. I can depend upon having a clear litterbox for my cats all day lengthy.”

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