Scaled-down Turquoise Giganotosaurus Hand Puppet

A scaled-down Turquoise Giganotosaurus hand puppet is a small toy that appears like a dinosaur and will be worn in your hand.

It’s known as “scaled-down” as a result of it’s smaller than the precise dimension of an actual Giganotosaurus.

The puppet is made to resemble a Giganotosaurus, which is a kind of enormous dinosaur that lived a very long time in the past. The puppet is turquoise in colour, which suggests it’s a shade of blue-green.

You possibly can put your hand contained in the puppet and use your fingers to maneuver its head, mouth, and arms, as if it had been alive.

It’s a enjoyable toy that permits you to fake and play with a dinosaur in your hand.

Extra product particulars about Scaled-down Turquoise Giganotosaurus Hand Puppet:

24 months guarantee


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