PETA Founder’s Public Bathe Highlights Meat’s Devastating Position in Drought

To tug again the curtain on the environmental hurt wrought by the meat business, together with losing water in India, which is experiencing drought, PETA founder Ingrid Newkirk lathered up in Mumbai whereas having a shower in the course of a busy a part of the town.

Her message is easy: one of the best factor folks can do to save lots of water and cease contributing to the worldwide local weather disaster is to go vegan.

One Hen Meal = 30 Showers

Do you know that meat and dairy manufacturing requires as much as 50 occasions extra water than the manufacturing of plant meals like pulses, greens, and grains?

Between watering the crops that farmed animals eat, offering billions of animals with ingesting water annually, and cleansing away the filth in farms, lorries, and abattoirs, animal farming locations a severe pressure on our water provide. Every meat-eater is accountable, on common, for utilizing 15,000 litres of water a day. It takes the equal of 30 showers to supply only one meal’s price of rooster.

Whereas one in 4 folks across the globe lack entry to protected ingesting water, the manufacturing of animal-derived meals makes use of a third of the world’s freshwater assets.

Nightmare for the Planet

By some estimates, animal agriculture is accountable for extra greenhouse gasoline emissions than all of the world’s transportation methods mixed.

Animal agriculture additionally makes use of a 3rd of world cropland, which could possibly be used to feed hungry people as an alternative of the animals who’re bred and raised solely for use and killed.

Chickens Are Among the many World’s Most Abused Animals

Chickens raised for meat, or “broiler chickens”, are bred to develop unnaturally quick and fed a mixture of high-protein feed and antibiotics. These sad birds develop such a big higher physique that they’ll barely help their very own weight. Many change into motionless after a few weeks, dying of hunger or coronary heart failure.

The birds attain “slaughter weight” at solely 42 days previous. Then, they’re despatched to their deaths with out ever having roosted in a tree, taken a mud tub, interacted with their mother and father, or finished any of the opposite issues which can be vital to chickens.

They’re roughly shoved into crates and pushed to the abattoir, the place they’re shocked earlier than slaughter both by gassing or by being shackled by the legs and hung the wrong way up on a manufacturing line in order that their heads may be plunged into an electrified water tub.

The Greatest Time to Go Vegan Is Now

Spare animals’ lives and save valuable assets by selecting vegan meals – earlier than life as we all know it and the atmosphere go down the drain. What are you ready for?

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