Parasite triggered painful uvula ulcer in man 5 years after he caught it in South America

A big, snow-white ulcer swelled up on the dangly tissue behind a person’s throat, however docs could not instantly clarify why. It seems {that a} single-celled parasite was the wrongdoer, and it had seemingly been hanging across the man’s physique for 5 years.

In accordance with a brand new report of the case, printed Thursday (Aug. 17) within the journal JAMA Otolaryngology–Head & Neck Surgical procedure, the 62-year-old man initially went to the physician a couple of sore throat. He had no current journey historical past or contact with sick folks, however the midline of his throat had been hurting for 2 weeks. An examination of his throat revealed bumps adorning the tissue, in addition to sticky, yellow mucus and an ulcer on his uvula, the tissue that hangs behind the mouth.

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