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The Chinese language Museum of Paleozoology is the one pure science museum in China established by the Institute of Vertebrate Paleontology and Paleoanthropology, Chinese language Academy of Sciences.


The fundamental show of the China Paleozoology Museum consists of 4 elements: Dinosaur World (digital and mechanical simulation), Historical Fish Museum, Historical Reptile Museum, and Mammal Museum. Its evolution historical past exhibits the traditional vertebrate fossils preserved in marine and continental strata deposited in varied durations in China and the analysis outcomes on this area. From fish-shaped primitive agnathians to bony fishes and cartilages, from amphibians to reptiles, from the unprecedentedly affluent kingdom of dinosaurs to mammals starting to rule the world, till the evolution of historical apes into Homo sapiens, every kind of fossils seem in flip, clearly outlines the developmental context of vertebrates.

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Vertebrate Paleontology Corridor
The primary revolution within the evolution of vertebrates was the looks of the backbone. Because of the help of the backbone, animals are stronger, extra versatile, and extra adaptable, laying the muse for lots of of hundreds of thousands of years of evolution. The Museum of Vertebrate Paleontology displays varied forms of vertebrate fossils collected by a number of generations of Chinese language scientists engaged within the research of vertebrate paleontology for greater than half a century.

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Historical Chicken Exhibition Space
China has turn into the nation with the biggest variety of early hen fossils and is the middle of analysis on the origin and evolution of early birds on this planet. Varied hen fossils from varied geological durations are exhibited within the historical hen exhibition space, together with the earliest recognized hen with a beak on this planet, essentially the most well-known fossil hen besides Archaeopteryx – Confucius hen, and different well-known historical hen fossils.

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Historical Fish Exhibition Space
Within the exhibition space of historical fish fossils, guests can see fish fossils from varied geological durations and phases of evolution, together with armored agnathians, primitive placoderms, and better fish fossils. Latimer, often called a residing fossil, can be exhibited on this museum, which is essentially the most full preserved Latimer in China.
Two main revolutions within the evolution of vertebrates: the looks of jaws and the prevalence of touchdown. The organisms within the Paleozoic Ocean developed two main branches, one tailored to life in water, and eventually advanced into varied fishes at the moment; the opposite left the water and have become at the moment’s tetrapods (together with amphibians, reptiles), birds and mammals).

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Historical Amphibians Exhibition Space
About 360 million years in the past, the earth’s crust modified, the ocean and land modified, and the overall fin fish first climbed onto the land. They realized to breathe with lungs, their fins turned robust limbs, they usually had been renamed “amphibious”, finishing a significant leap for vertebrates to land from water.
The amphibian exhibition space displays amphibian fossils found in China from greater than 200 million years in the past (Permian) to greater than 10 million years in the past (Cenozoic Miocene). As a result of amphibians have extra cartilage, and largely stay in humid environments, the corpses decompose shortly after dying, and it’s troublesome to protect them as full fossils. Subsequently, the specimens displayed on this museum are treasures amongst amphibian fossils.

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Historical Reptiles Exhibition Space
Within the historical reptile exhibition space, varied forms of reptile fossils are exhibited, together with the biggest freshwater turtle fossil present in China-Nanxiong turtle, historical crocodile fossils, marine reptiles referred to as Mesozoic sea monsters, and Mesozoic sea turtles. Overlord of the sky – pterosaurs, overlord of the Mesozoic Period – dinosaurs, ancestors of mammals – mammalian reptiles.

Prehistoric paleontological fossils and Paleolithic specimens and fashions of assorted classes produced from the Cambrian interval greater than 500 million years in the past to 10,000 years in the past, together with jawless and jawed fish, amphibians, reptiles Animals, birds, mammals, historical human fossils and Paleolithic instruments, and so forth., comprehensively show the pure stays of prehistoric animals and historical people and the magnificent technique of life evolution.

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