Pacific Black Geese – 10,000 Birds

Right here in Broome we observe a wide selection of geese and probably the most prolific on the Broome Poo Ponds is normally the Plumed Whistling-Duck. One among our favorite geese is the Pink-eared Duck. There are additionally Hardheads, Wandering Whistling-Geese, Gray Teal, Australian Wooden Geese and the occasional inflow of Freckled Geese or an Australian Shoveler. The opposite duck species that we observe typically is the Pacific Black Duck and this duck is without doubt one of the most versatile geese in Australia and might be present in most locations.

Pacific Black Geese lay as much as 16 eggs and typically two clutches are raised in a yr. Nonetheless, not all of those ducklings will survive or we’d be invaded with geese! Many chook species have bred round Broome over current months and the Pacific Black Geese have been no totally different. Each go to to the flooded Roebuck Plains we encountered a rising inhabitants of all chook species together with the Pacific Black Geese.

Within the header photograph the sunshine has captured the shiny inexperienced feathers within the secondary flight feathers. A number of the bigger households of Pacific Black Geese are already gotten smaller and by the point the younger ducklings seem like the adults their numbers have diminished. The stripe round their eyes makes them fairly a particular duck.

Pacific Black Geese

One of many bigger households of Pacific Black Geese that we now have noticed this yr seems to have been in a position to make use of the culvert underneath the freeway as a spot to cover from predators. Usually we’d see them swim underneath the freeway and reappear on the opposite aspect. I’m not certain if it was actually what helped them be extra profitable, nevertheless it was an awesome escape route anyway!

Pacific Black Geese swimming underneath the freeway and coming out the opposite aspect!

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