Owl Mother Takes Two Owlets With No Household Below Her Wing

Owls are identified to like the nightlife and are rumored to be smart. However do you know these feathered beauties are additionally devoted mother and father? And one owl who noticed two owlets alone and in want of a mom stepped proper in after her personal egg clutch didn’t hatch.

Luna is a tawny owl who makes her dwelling in a beech stump modified to be a palace for her and her mate Bomber. Their majestic nest might be discovered at wildlife rehabilitator Robert E. Fuller’s dwelling in North Yorkshire within the UK. And although Fuller has constructed the owl her dream dwelling, Luna hasn’t had any profitable hatchings previously couple of years, leaving her dream of hatching little ones unfulfilled.

However when Fuller put two orphaned owl chicks in her nest, Luna’s mothering instincts got here to life, and he or she took the infants below her wing with out hesitation.

Robert E Fuller/YouTube

Adopting Owlets

Realizing that Luna was nonetheless in mother mode after her newest clutch of eggs didn’t hatch, Fuller knew she “may very well be the proper foster mom.”


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So when Luna was out for a bit, he slipped the tawny owl chicks inside and waited for her return. Through a digital camera within the nest, Fuller may watch Luna’s response upon seeing the infants in want. And it was a tremendous second.

Robert E Fuller/YouTube

“Take a look at that; she’s brooding them immediately,” stated Fuller. “That is completely unimaginable.”

Robert E Fuller/YouTube

“It’s wonderful to see how she’s taking them on as her personal. I couldn’t have hoped for a greater consequence.”

In an replace on Fb, Fuller revealed the owlets had been “thriving” below their foster mother’s care. Luna has proved to be essentially the most doting of moms and “so tender together with her foster chicks.”

Robert E Fuller/YouTube

Two Grows Into Full Nest

Luna’s adopted little ones quickly grew up, however earlier than they left the nest for good, they gained foster siblings! As a result of Luna and Bomber proved to be one of the best foster owls, Fuller positioned 4 extra rescued owlets of their care.


And now that Luna has raised her foster chicks they usually’ve all flown the coop, this excellent mama owl is making ready for one more breeding season. Observe Luna’s life and Robert E. Fuller’s rehabilitation and conservation work on Fb and YouTube.

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Characteristic Picture: Robert E Fuller/Fb

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