Movie | Tawny Owl Massive Lovely Brood of Chicks | Full Story | Bonnie and Ozzy

This video follows the story of tawny owls Bonnie & Ozzy as they elevate a file clutch of 4 chicks. 

When tawny owls Bonnie & Ozzy had 4 chicks it was a file for tawny owls on this space and I frightened they’d not have the ability to feed them – not to mention have sufficient house within the nest.

Securing a nest

The story begins in November with male Ozzy looking for a nest. After making an attempt out completely different websites, in March he select anest field I constructed for him, named Ash Tree.

Tawny owl eggs

In March Bonnie lays 4 eggs. Tawny owl eggs are pure white and about the identical measurement as a golf ball. They weigh slightly below 40g and the trouble of laying takes its toll on Bonnie.


Tawny owls incubate as quickly as they’ve laid the primary egg, which is simply as effectively when unseasonable blizzards blow in. Searching Male tawny owls don’t assist with brooding the eggs, however as a substitute present meals for his or her accomplice -mainly eat small mammals like mice and voles. Ozzy is usually seen looking rats too.

Eggs hatch

After virtually a month of incubation, the eggs start to hatch. The method is fascinating. It begins with a pip, then a crack, then the chicks seem, their feathers nonetheless damp. Bonnie could be very protecting and received’t even let Ozzy close to, so these glimpses of her younger owl chicks are very uncommon.


And Bonnie’s defensive perspective is comprehensible. Watch what occurs when jackdaws attempt to invade the nest. These birds can truly lure a nesting owl contained in the nest and are a critical hazard.


At one week outdated these tawny owlets can sit up, however their eyes are nonetheless closed. Throughout their first week their feathers additionally start to return by, trying like pins as they pierce the pores and skin, and by two-weeks outdated their eyes open and so they can rise up.

Further assist

By now the rising owlets appear to be regularly clamouring for extra meals. I turn out to be involved that Ozzy can’t sustain, so I go away a number of mice to assist the owl household out. First adventures Tawny owl chicks are notoriously adventurous and earlier than these 4 had been totally feathered, the owlets started climbing out to the nest and hopping on to the closest branches – inevitably there have been mishaps!

Owl dad and mom

The dad and mom proceed to feed the chicks on the close by branches, and, I additionally assist out. It’s superb to see these birds develop in confidence. 

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