Most Costly Canine Breeds

In keeping with the Pet Advocacy Community, the pet business contributes a whole lot of billions of {dollars} to the US economic system annually. Woof! That’s plenty of money. In the US, the common value of pet possession sits at round $1,600 per yr. That value could be even increased if canine dad and mom select to personal probably the most costly canine breeds.

Prime 10 most costly canine breeds

There are a lot of components that may improve the price of proudly owning a sure breed. For instance, reputation and historic significance can improve the price of shopping for from a breeder. Along with demand, sure breeds could value extra as a result of well being circumstances, grooming necessities, and extra coaching.

We’ve rounded up the costliest canine breeds.

Afghan Hound

(Photograph Credit score: Pierre Aden / Getty Pictures)

The Afghan Hound is a novel, historic canine breed with a chic look. They’ve silky coats and a dramatic presence. Other than their bodily attributes, Afghan Hounds are identified for his or her comical personalities and reserved natures. They’re identified for his or her affectionate, energetic, and adaptable temperaments.

These sleek canine require each day brushing, as their lengthy coats can simply grow to be tangled. With a median lifespan of 10-14 years, these canine are vulnerable to medical circumstances together with hypothyroidism and cataracts.

Afghan Hounds from respected breeders can value round $7,000.

Pharaoh Hound

Loyal and clever, the Pharaoh Hound is an historic canine breed used for searching. Initially utilized by the Pharaohs of Egypt, these majestic canine are at the moment acknowledged because the official canine of Malta. Generally known as one of many first domesticated canine breeds, Pharaoh Hounds are extremely athletic, simply trainable, and affectionate.

Though they make nice pets for households and are simply in a position to adapt to residence residing, this breed could be very delicate to emphasize. In consequence, they could expertise neurological or digestive points which could be costly to deal with.

Pharaoh Hounds can value between $7,000-7,500.

Dogo Argentino

Recognized for his or her muscular stature and athleticism, this Dogo Argentino is likely one of the most costly canine breeds on this planet. Whereas imposing in look, Dogo Argentinos are loyal and protecting of their proprietor. Bred for searching, they’ve a excessive prey drive, a powerful will, and a mistrust of strangers. As such, this canine breed could also be too troublesome for first-time canine homeowners. It’s unlawful to personal a Dogo Argentino in the UK, New York Metropolis, and Colorado.

With correct coaching, this canine breed could make a beautiful addition to a house. They generally even work as service canine and in search and rescue. Dogo Argentinos possess a better danger for hip dysplasia and deafness, which may add to the price of proudly owning this breed.

Shopping for a Dogo Argentino can value round $8,000.

Canadian Inuit Canine

Canadian Eskimo Dog lounging
(Photograph Credit score: Layne Kennedy / Getty Pictures)

In keeping with the United Kennel Membership (UKC), the Canadian Inuit Canine or Canadian Eskimo Canine is an aboriginal breed with a protracted historical past of interdependent relations with the Inuit individuals of the Arctic. Presently going through extinction, the Canadian Inuit Canine is extraordinarily uncommon. In 2018, there have been solely an estimated 300 canine of this breed remaining. Initially from Siberia, the Canadian Inuit canine decreased in quantity after the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) canine killings within the mid-20th century.

Recognized for his or her majestic look and thick coats, these canine are usually not adaptable to temperate climates. They’re additionally identified for a better danger of gastric torsion, entropion, and arthritis. With coaching, Canadian Inuit Canine could be loyal and affectionate to their human companions. They aren’t, nevertheless, really useful for households with kids.

The Canadian Inuit Canine can value $8,750.


Loyal and obedient, Rottweilers make nice additions to households in the event that they obtain coaching and socialization. Muscular and imposing, they’re affectional to their homeowners and are extremely smart.

Though not initially extremely expensive to buy, Rottweilers grow to be dearer all through their life as a result of their pronation to a number of well being points, together with sure illnesses and cancers. Moreover, they’re identified for joint points.

Factoring in the price of medical bills, Rottweilers can value an estimated $9,000.


Three young expensive breed Azawakh (African Sighthounds) standing together amongst the stone columns of a historic building.
(Photograph Credit score: animalinfo / Getty Pictures)

Newly acknowledged by the American Kennel Membership (AKC), the Azawakh originated within the Azawakh Valley within the Sahara desert. Regal with a lean stature, this breed sometimes does effectively in hotter climates. As a breed used for searching, the Azawakh is athletic and requires each day train. They’ve few hereditary circumstances and get better rapidly from accidents. Nevertheless, they do possess a danger for epilepsy.

With a top quality of life, Azawakh’s common lifespan is 12-15 years. Shopping for an Azawakh from a breeder can value pet homeowners $9,500.

Tibetan Mastiff

Large in dimension, Tibetan Mastiffs can attain upwards of 150 kilos. Initially bred for safeguarding livestock from predators, Tibetan Mastiffs are protecting and dependable. Whereas bodily spectacular in stature, they’re light with their human companions and could be very easygoing.

Tibetan Mastiffs are disposed to circumstances akin to hip dysplasia and hypothyroidism. Buying one of these canine from a breeder can value homeowners as a lot as $10,000.

Chow Chow

One of many oldest and rarest breeds, the Chow Chow originated in China. They are often troublesome to coach, aloof, and suspicious of strangers. Though they are often reserved, Chow Chows are very loving with their members of the family. They’re extremely dignified with a big, stunning mane.

In keeping with the AKC,  well being points for Chow Chows can embrace eyelid entropion, hip and elbow dysplasia, allergy symptoms, and thyroid circumstances. This breed can value homeowners upwards of $11,000.


Little Lion Dog, an expensive breed Lowchen, is on the grass in park.
(Photograph Credit score: volofin / Getty Pictures)

Initially from France, the Löwchen has been a favourite of Europeans for greater than half a millennia. Playful, outgoing, and lively, fanatics worth this breed for its confidence and compatibility with kids. This breed is extremely uncommon, with solely 300 registered canine worldwide.

Whereas the worth tag upfront sits round $12,000, the Löwchen will not be vulnerable to many well being points. The common life expectancy for this breed is 13-15 years.


The Samoyed takes first place for the costliest canine breed and may value canine homeowners round $14,000. Loving and desirous to please, the Samoyed is a delicate household pet. Acknowledged for his or her fluffy white coats, Samoyeds shed so much.

Including to the upfront value, Samoyeds are inclined to varied well being circumstances akin to corneal dystrophy, cardiac problems, and autoimmune circumstances.

Contemplate rescuing your subsequent pet

Though these could also be the costliest canine breeds, many nonetheless discover their approach into shelters and rescues. For those who’re in search of a selected kind of canine, make sure to try breed-specific rescue organizations earlier than buying from a breeder. Selecting to undertake slightly than store can save a life.

Additionally it is vital to think about monetary prices all through your canine’s life when deciding what sort of pup is best for you.

Estimated canine costs supplied by Prudent Pet Insurance coverage.

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