Independence Day Bald Eagle Photograph Gallery

Initially printed June 2017; up to date June 2023.

The Bald Eagle has been an indelible a part of American tradition for hundreds of years. Even earlier than it was topped our nationwide fowl, it was sacred in lots of Native American cultures and an emblem of braveness, knowledge, and power.

Bald Eagles had been as soon as at risk of extinction, their numbers lowered to fewer than 500 nests within the Decrease 48 by 1963. That they had been decimated by human persecution and publicity to the pesticide DDT, which prompted widespread breeding failures. In 1978, they had been listed for defense underneath the Endangered Species Act throughout a lot of the United States. With larger environmental consciousness and conservation efforts since then, they’ve made a spectacular comeback—by 2021 there have been an estimated 316,000 people within the Decrease 48.

In celebration of Independence Day, please get pleasure from these photos of our nation’s image in motion. Particular because of the photographers for sharing these moments with us!

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