How rich UFO followers helped gas fringe beliefs

In a 2017 interview with 60 Minutes, Robert Bigelow did not hesitate when he was requested if area aliens had ever visited Earth. “There was and is an current presence, an ET presence,” stated Bigelow, a Las Vegas-based actual property mogul and founding father of Bigelow Aerospace, an organization NASA had contracted to construct inflatable area station habitats. Bigelow was so sure, he indicated, as a result of he had “spent tens of millions and tens of millions and tens of millions” of {dollars} trying to find UFO proof. “I in all probability spent extra as a person than anyone else in the US has ever spent on this topic.”

He’s proper. Because the early Nineties, Bigelow has bankrolled a voluminous stream of pseudoscience on modern-day UFO lore—investigating every little thing from crop circles and cattle mutilations to alien abductions and UFO crashes. Certainly, should you identify a UFO rabbit gap, it’s a great wager the 79-year-old tycoon has flushed his riches down it.

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