Horse Symbolism & That means (+Totem, Spirit & Omens)

The canine is perhaps man’s finest pal, but when any creature has actually been a associate to humanity it’s the horse. First domesticated over 5 thousand years in the past, the horse utterly modified the course of human historical past. The power to trip horses unlocked a lot of the world for us and allowed folks to journey additional and quicker than than ever earlier than. Horses modified the best way that people fought. In struggle, mounted cavalry grew to become a lethal new commonplace. Horses modified agriculture. Farmers might use horses to perform among the heavy lifting which they themselves had beforehand needed to sort out. (1)

Because the invention of the auto, the roles of horses within the on a regular basis lives of most individuals have sharply diminished. Many people now not encounter horses recurrently. So, their impression and significance is well forgotten. Had been it not for the horse, although, humanity would merely not be the place we’re at the moment. On this article we’ll rejoice the strengths of the horse and look at this fascinating animal’s function in numerous human cultures across the globe!

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Horse symbolism and which means

Horses maintain vital positions within the myths and cultural traditions of many alternative civilizations. Plainly wherever horses have been, they’ve left a serious impression. A few of the extra frequent themes related to horses embrace freedom and fervour. Wild horses signify the wild freedom of the untouched open landscapes the place they’re discovered, though they’re discovered with more and more shortage. Moreover, horses embody freedom as a result of, earlier than the auto was invented, a horse was one of the simplest ways for an individual to get round. Seeking to journey? To flee tough circumstances? To really feel the wind in opposition to your face? A horse was completely the best way to go. They represented wanderlust, self dedication, and the promise of the open street.

Horses additionally signify struggle, energy, and energy. Horses and mounted warriors have been companions for hundreds of years and have clashed in bloody conflicts all around the world. Warfare horses are mighty beasts who signify self-discipline, ferocity, energy, and violence.


Horses additionally signify femininity and fertility. In lots of cultures, mares are seen as divinely female and horses are related to the fertility and maternity of nature. On the flip facet of this, stallions are sometimes related with masculinity, virility, and efficiency. Male sexuality is usually related with horses.

As a wild animal, horses are uncontrollable. When lovingly raised and educated, nonetheless, horses change into loyal and surprisingly docile, although personalities differ and a few horses stay fairly cussed. Horses could then signify loyalty, cooperation, and agreeability. (2)

Horse Native American symbolism

It’s extensively believed that Native American tribes didn’t have horses till European explorers launched them to the continent. That is the final consensus of historians who’ve tracked the actions of domesticated horses all through historical past. Regardless of this, Native American tribes have many legends involving how the horse was created and dropped at the folks. A rising contingent of Natives historians insist that horses existed on the continent and within the lives of Native Individuals earlier than colonization. The fossil report helps this, nonetheless some nonetheless theorize that horses within the Americas went extinct after the Ice Age and have been reintroduced throughout the Age of Exploration. In any case, listed below are among the concepts related with horses in Native American cultures. (3)

In accordance with the Navajo, horses signify the 4 instructions. The hero Turquoise Boy introduced horses to the folks after visiting the herds of horses that the Solar used to trip throughout the sky. (4)


In accordance with a Pawnee fable, all domesticated horses got here from one girl. On this story, a person discovered a wild noticed horse and introduced it house to his spouse to take care of. She diligently took care of the horse till at some point, the animal disappeared. As an alternative, she discovered a good-looking man sporting a horse’s pores and skin. The person thanked her for caring for him and defined that he was the noticed horse. She fell in love with the person they usually went away collectively. After they had their first baby, the kid was a noticed horse and never a human. Because the years went on, the lady started to develop a horse’s tail till she resembled a horse herself. Having heard rumors of the horse household, the folks tracked them down and captured her kids which grew to become the horses that they rode. (5)

In accordance with a Tejas fable, all of America’s feral horses got here from an enormous blue horse which a Spanish explorer dropped at them. The horse was large and fierce and just one Native American man ever dared to trip it. Sooner or later, this man noticed a Spaniard atop an enormous horse. Scared, the person fired an arrow on the Spaniard and he fell from the horse. The horse turned on the person, however the man didn’t know the phrases that the Spanish used to speak with horses. The injured Spaniard supplied to show him to talk to the horse in change for his life. The younger man agreed and together with his trainer’s assist grew to become the primary horseman of the Tejas. As a result of no different Native Individuals might communicate the language of the horse, when his rider finally died they have been too scared to trip him they usually turned him unfastened. He roamed the prairies and had many kids which grew to become the wild horses of the Americas. (6)

Horse Jap Symbolism

In Japanese tradition, horses are related with the gods and with divinity. In accordance with historical Japanese legends, when the divine spirit comes down from heaven he does so on the again of an awesome horse. (7)

The horse is the sixth animal of the Chinese language zodiac and is claimed to embody power, cheerfulness, enthusiasm and independence. (8)


In accordance with Chinese language fable, the Longma was a beast with the physique of a horse and the top of a dragon. Longma was thought of to be a superb omen and was related with clever rulers and sages. (9)(10)

Horse Christianity symbolism

Horses in biblical symbolism have a whole lot of totally different meanings. One of many acquainted connections to horses within the Bible is the mounts on which the 4 horsemen of the apocalypse trip.

“When the Lamb opened the fourth seal, I heard the voice of the fourth dwelling creature say, “Come!” I regarded, and there earlier than me was a pale horse! Its rider was named Dying, and Hades was following shut behind him.”

— Revelations 6:7-9 (11)


The opposite horsemen trip white, black, and purple horses. A white horse or a pale horse may signify conquest or dying, a purple horse signifies struggle, and a black horse signifies famine. (12)(13)

Horses seem in lots of different sections of the Bible, however they often accomplish that within the context of wars or conflicts whereby horsemen and chariots conflict on the battlefield. (14)

Horse Celtic symbolism

Horses play an excellent vital function in Celtic cultural traditions. Probably the most vital feminine deities of early Celtic cultures was Epona or Macha. This goddess seems within the type of a horse and represents fertility and sovereignty.


Within the Irish epic the Tain Bo Cuailnge, the lads of Eire are cursed as a result of they disrespected this goddess. In accordance with this story, the goddess was the spouse of a person of Ulster who boasted that she was the quickest individual round. He would drive her to race in opposition to horses. One time, he insisted that she race while closely pregnant. She begged him to not make her race, however he insisted. So, she raced the horses and gained and gave delivery to twin horses simply as she crossed the end line. As vengeance for the ache and disrespect of this example, she cursed the entire Ulster males in order that they’d be incapacitated throughout their time of best want. (15)

Within the Mabinogi, the queen goddess Rhiannon is seen at a distance driving slowly on a horse. The king Pwyll falls in love together with her and tries to method her. Regardless of how briskly he runs, his horse can’t catch as much as hers, despite the fact that her horse is just strolling. When he lastly calls out to her, she stops they usually marry. After they have their first baby, the child is snatched from the cradle simply after being born. Rhiannon is blamed and compelled to hold folks into courtroom on her again, like a horse, as punishment. The stolen baby is present in a secure and raised alongside horses till he’s sufficiently old and begins to resemble his mom. When he’s returned to her, she is vindicated and her identify is cleared. (16)

Celtic myths typically join horses with childbirth, justice, vengeance, and kingship. (17)

Horse African symbolism

Egyptian traditions related horses with the Aristocracy, wealth, energy, and the higher echelons of Egyptian society.


In some elements of Africa, horses are related with the harvest and the fertility of the land. Greek mythology states that the Pegasus, a winged horse, was present in Ethiopia. (18)

Horse in desires

Dreaming of horses represents hope, freedom, optimism, and ahead momentum. In case you’ve been seeing horses in your desires, this can be a signal that you’re shifting in the fitting course.

Horse desires typically point out one’s life journey. Dreaming of a wild horse may imply that your journey will result in sudden locations. Dreaming of a race horse may imply that your journey could lead you in circles. Dreaming of a path horse implies that you’re heading in the right direction.


Dreaming of a herd of horses represents the safety of the household. Take into accout what’s vital to you and guard your peace it doesn’t matter what.

Dreaming of a pregnant horse or a horse with a foal represents tenderness and completely satisfied returns. In case you are light and sort then your efforts will likely be fruitful.

Horse encounters and omens

Encountering a horse may symbolize a variety of issues. An encounter with a wild horse may imply that one feels trapped and may strive shaking up their routine and exploring the world extra.

Encountering a working horse is perhaps a superb reminder to be dutiful and industrious. Individuals will belief you with vital issues in the event that they know that you’re dependable and all the way down to earth.


A horse with a star form on its brow is claimed to be good luck for the long run.

As a result of darkish horses typically symbolize underdogs or sudden occasions, encountering a darkish or black horse is perhaps an indication to be ready to assume in your toes and roll with the punches of no matter comes subsequent.

Encountering a pinto horse is an indication to precise oneself creatively.

Horse mythology and folklore

Horses characteristic prominently in Greek mythology. In accordance with the parable of Perseus, Perseus rode upon a winged Pegasus when he defeated the evil gorgon Medusa. Greek myths additionally join horses with the ocean. Poseidon, the god of the ocean, can be the god of horses. Some tales say that horses have been created from sea foam. Poseidon is claimed to have fathered Pegasus. (18)

horse statue

In accordance with Norse mythology, the trickster god Loki as soon as turned himself right into a mare to trick a craftsman into ending his work late. IF the craftsman was not stopped, he must be paid untold riches by the gods, together with the solar and moon. So, Loki distracted his horse within the type of a mare. Consequently, Loki gave delivery to a horse with eight legs named Sleipnir. Sleipnir was Odin’s favourite horse. (19)

In accordance with Hindu mythology, Krishna, the messenger of god Vishnu, killed a demon horse by the identify of Keshi in a duel. This Luciferian being is described as killing unborn kids, having nice velocity, and an infinite horse physique. (20)

Horse spirit animal

In case your spirit animal is the horse then you’re a free spirit who tends to be headstrong and cussed. The horse spirit animal hates feeling managed or confined and loves to precise itself freely.

Individuals with the horse as their spirit animal are typically aggressive and willful. It is because they pour their ardour into all the things that they do. If the horse is your spirit animal keep in mind that competitors is meant to be enjoyable, not simply irritating! (21)

Horse totem animal

The horse totem animal is related with power and virility. Individuals with the horse as their totem assault every day with vim and vigor. The horse totem hates losing time and believes that all the things value doing is value placing in 110% of your power.


The horse totem animal likes to strive new issues, however could develop pissed off in the event that they don’t succeed at first. The horse totem is proficient and wishes a reminder from time to time that not all the things will likely be as simple because the issues that they’re naturally gifted in. So long as the eagerness is there, although, the horse totem can triumph.

Horse energy animal

The horse energy animal is related with ahead movement. In case you really feel caught or stagnant, name upon the horse’s energy to get issues shifting once more. The horse energy animal reminds us to embrace the long run and to race in direction of it with pleasure and enthusiasm.


In case your energy animal is the horse then you might be probably formidable and crammed to the brim with dedication. The horse energy animal means that you can get virtually something achieved. Individuals with this energy animal are typically excessive achievers with “sort A” personalities. (22)

Horse tattoo which means

A horse tattoo could symbolize masculinity or femininity, freedom, expression, wanderlust, braveness, cooperation, safety, or competitors.

A horse tattoo virtually at all times has constructive meanings and will symbolize the connection between people and horses. (23)

Tattoos of unicorns or Pegasi signify magic and surprise.


Whereas the fashionable human won’t depend on horses like we used to, it stays true that we owe a lot of our improvement to the horse and its contributions. Due to this historical relationship between people and horses, each creatures have been formed and adjusted endlessly. It’s simple to see, then, why so many cultures revere horses and why so many individuals really feel intensely drawn to those majestic animals.


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