Hoopoe Symbolism & Which means (+Totem, Spirit & Omens)

The Hoopoe is a putting hen which might be discovered all through Africa and Eurasia. Orange in colour with black and white stripes, a protracted lance-like invoice, and a flamboyant crest of feathers, the Hoopoe is tough to overlook. This hen is related to a variety of myths and spiritual traditions and is even featured on the coat of arms of a number of German municipalities.

Whereas the Hoopoe might appear like an unique jungle hen, its presence has been felt all through human civilizations since historic instances. It’s no marvel that this dazzling hen has made such a big impact. Learn on to be taught extra concerning the Hoopoe!

Hoopoe Symbolism and Which means

Hoopoes are recognized for being fiercely territorial and protecting. Hoopoe pairs are monogamous and have developed a variety of methods for defending their nests and their younger. Male Hoopoes interact in bloody fights with each other over territory. These brutal confrontations typically contain stabbing rivals with their lengthy payments. Due to this, Hoopoes might be related to violence, warfare, scrappiness, and protection. (1)

Moreover, Hoopoe females secrete a foul-smelling liquid from their preening glands. Nesting feminine Hoopoes unfold this liquid, which is reported to odor of rotten meat, throughout their feathers and eggs. Serving as a pungent deterrent to predators, this liquid might have one other function as nicely. The secretion is now believed to comprise fascinating micro organism which prey upon the dangerous micro organism discovered throughout the birds’ nests and stop infections. In actual fact, Hoopoe eggs even have microscopic pits which catch this liquid to make sure that they’re completely protected. This adaptation is clearly gross, nevertheless it serves an important function. Thus, the Hoopoe might be related to safety, purification, and pure medication, together with decay and poor hygiene. (2)

Hoopoe Hiding on Branch
Photograph by Vignesh T on Unsplash

Many cultures uphold the Hoopoe as a sacred or holy hen. The Hoopoe is usually linked with knowledge, majesty, kingship, and the divine. Greek mythology associates the Hoopoe with vengeance and brutality. (3)

Hoopoe Native American Symbolism

Hoopoes will not be usually discovered within the Americas. Native American cultures do, nonetheless, typically see birds normally as messengers which convey the need of the spirits. (4)

Hoopoe Christianity Symbolism

The Hoopoe is listed within the Bible amongst birds which might be unclean and never match to be eaten. In some Abrahamic non secular traditions, although, the Hoopoe is extra necessary than this.

The Hoopoe is the nationwide hen of Israel. (5)

Within the Quran, the Hoopoe is the messenger of King Solomon:

“And [Solomon] reviewed the birds, and he mentioned, ‘Why do I not see the hoopoe , or is he of these absent? I shall certainly punish him severely or slay him, or he should come to me with a transparent excuse.’ However [the hoopoe] was not lengthy in coming, and it mentioned, ‘I’ve came upon what you haven’t apprehended, and I come to you from Sheba with tidings!’”

Quran 27:20-22 (6)

Hoopoe Celtic Symbolism

In heraldry, the Hoopoe represents inspiration and succession. It isn’t the most typical heraldic image, however it’s rather more broadly used than one would possibly anticipate. (7)

Celtic myths typically deal with birds as symbols of the Otherworld.

Hoopoe in Desires

Hoopoe eat bugs and are sometimes discovered foraging on open floor with their lengthy payments. Sunbathing and looking for hidden crickets is a favourite pastime of the Hoopoe. Dreaming of Hoopoes might point out a must probe deeper into a difficulty. Hoopoes discover and eat bugs beneath the floor of the bottom.

A Hoopoe dream might also signify a message. Hoopoes typically seem in myths and cultural traditions as messengers. Dreaming of a Hoopoe is perhaps a reminder to be open-minded and settle for the messages that the universe would possibly ship to you.

Lastly, dreaming of Hoopoes, particularly nesting Hoopoes, would possibly discuss with safety or prudence. Generally the appropriate factor to do smells or appears to be like unsavory, however to guard our happiness and the happiness of our family members, we should take the appropriate plan of action even when it isn’t essentially the most interesting.

Hoopoe Returning to Nest
Picture by Dieter Seibel from Pixabay

Hoopoe Encounters and Omens

An encounter with a Hoopoe might characterize territoriality. Hoopoes are fiercely territorial and are recognized to battle one another in mid air. These bloody fights can finish in fatalities, misplaced eyes, or critical accidents. A Hoopoe encounter might imply that you simply really feel insecure in your territory or that an intruder has entered your area. The Hoopoe reminds us to do what we should to guard our houses, however to do not forget that the price of violence is usually very steep.

Encountering a Hoopoe nest can sign that issues in your life will not be as unhealthy as they look like. A Hoopoe nest doubtless smells like a rancid unclean place, however that is truly as a result of protections that the mom Hoopoe has put in place for her younger. Contemplate whether or not your circumstances are as rotten as they appear and seek for issues to deal with that fill you with gratitude.

Hoopoe in Mythology & Folklore

Hoopoe mythology is widespread and historic. This magnificent hen is a frequent muse which has impressed artists and story-tellers throughout the globe.

Persian Mythology:

The Convention of Birds is a beloved and vital piece of Persian literature. The poem, which explores themes of folly, longing, stagnation, and enlightenment, sees the birds of the world try to call a king. The birds determine to hunt out a legendary beast to function their king, beneath the suggestion of the Hoopoe who’s essentially the most clever of the birds. The Hoopoe should then persuade the birds to journey and discover this legendary king, regardless of every hen’s distinctive excuse for why they can’t do it. In The Convention of Birds, the Hoopoe is the voice of cause who delivers the knowledge and morals on the coronary heart of the poem’s narrative. (8)

Christian/Jewish Mythology:

As talked about above, the Quran names the Hoopoe because the messenger of King Solomon. Because of this, there are a variety of people tales, not discovered within the Quran itself, which characteristic King Solomon and the Hoopoe collectively. In line with one such legend, King Solomon is chargeable for the crest atop the heads of Hoopoes. On this story, King Solomon was flying on the again of an ideal eagle when the new solar started to blind and frustrate him. Noticing his misery, a flock of Hoopoes flew above his head and joined their wings collectively to type an enormous shade. Grateful to be shielded from the solar’s rays, Solomon provided the Hoopoes no matter their hearts desired. The Hoopoes requested for a golden crown. So, Solomon topped the Hoopoes in gold, although he warned them {that a} gold crown can be cumbersome. Ultimately, hunters started looking the Hoopoes for his or her golden crowns, so that they begged Solomon to take again their want. Solomon, pitying the birds, granted their want and changed their golden crowns with feathered crests. Hoopoes proudly put on that feathered crest to at the present time. (9)

Hoopoe on Branch
Picture by linda1978 from Pixabay

Egyptian Mythology:

The Hoopoe is current in historic Egyptian artwork the place it’s depicted as a protector of tombs and a logo of royalty. The Hoopoe is usually mixed with photo voltaic motifs and is related to kingship and fatherhood. In tombs, the Hoopoe is taken into account a guardian which protects the spirit on its journey to the realm of the lifeless. When a Hoopoe is depicted within the arms of a kid in Egyptian artwork, this signifies that the kid is his father’s rightful successor and inheritor. (10)

Greek Mythology:

The extraordinarily brutal Greek fable of King Tereus options the Hoopoe. In line with legend, Tereus was the son of Ares and the king of Thrace. Tereus was married to a younger lady named Procne with whom he had a son. In the future, Procne got here to Tereus and begged him to permit her beloved sister, Philomela, to return to Thrace and go to them. Tereus agreed and Philomela got here to stick with them. Tereus started to lust after Philomela and lured her into the woods with a view to rape her. After assaulting Philomela, Tereus minimize out her tongue in order that she might inform nobody what had occurred to her. Philomela was intelligent, although, and she or he wove the occasions right into a tapestry which she dropped at Procne. Procne was enraged and the sisters swore to get their revenge. They slew Procne and Tereus’s son and fed him to his father. When Tereus discovered of their merciless vengeance, he chased the sisters down and tried to kill them each. Of their panic, Procne and Philomela begged for help from the gods. Seeing the violence that had occurred, the gods turned every of the three into birds. Procne grew to become a nightingale, Philomela grew to become a swallow, and Tereus grew to become a Hoopoe. (11)

Hoopoe Spirit Animal

If the Hoopoe is your spirit animal then you might be artful, resourceful, courageous, and scrappy. Folks with the Hoopoe spirit animal will do something to guard what issues to them. The Hoopoe spirit animal tends to be family-oriented and is usually present in protecting dad and mom.

Folks with the Hoopoe spirit animal will not be afraid to get their arms soiled in relation to defending what is correct. The Hoopoe spirit animal holds grudges and can search revenge when it feels wronged. In case your spirit animal is the Hoopoe then you could have a little bit of a mood, however you might be doubtless very mild and tender with the individuals who matter most to you.

Individuals who have the Hoopoe as their totem animal are inclined to take pleasure in peace and quiet and are very snug spending time by themselves. They might butt heads with louder or extra extroverted personalities.

Hoopoe Totem Animal

The Hoopoe totem animal is related to therapeutic and purification. Drugs will not be at all times nice, however very similar to the Hoopoe’s smelly secretions, individuals with the Hoopoe totem animal know that therapeutic and safety is value the fee.

Folks with the Hoopoe totem animal might really feel drawn in the direction of therapeutic or nurturing roles. Though they do have tempers, Hoopoe totems treasure innocence and are affected person with kids particularly.

The Hoopoe totem animal might categorical love and affection by means of meals. Folks with this totem animal like to cook dinner and are precisely the sort to carry a scorching bowl of rooster soup to a sick buddy.

Hoopoe Energy Animal

The facility of the Hoopoe lies in messages. The Hoopoe seems in lots of tales and traditions as a divine messenger. Individuals who have the Hoopoe as their energy animal might discover themselves to be the frequent recipients of messages from the universe.

Hoopoe on Grass Foraging
Photograph by Hert Niks on Unsplash

The Hoopoe energy animal tends to be present in people who find themselves open-minded and comfy with accepting issues past the scope of their information. Being snug with the unknown and open to studying new issues is an important trait of the Hoopoe energy animal.

Hoopoe Tattoo Which means

A Hoopoe tattoo might characterize safety, protection, household, or guardianship. One would possibly select a Hoopoe tattoo to characterize the best of defending one’s house in opposition to adverse energies or influences.

A Hoopoe tattoo might also characterize messages. Somebody with a Hoopoe tattoo might select this tattoo to characterize an open-minded philosophy guided by the knowledge of the universe.

A Hoopoe tattoo could also be non secular in nature and will discuss with King Solomon’s messenger.

Lastly, a tattoo that includes the Hoopoe would possibly discuss with violence or confrontation. Hoopoes are unafraid to make the most of violence when their trigger is necessary sufficient. Such a tattoo is perhaps chosen to characterize self-defense.


The Hoopoe is a mesmerizingly fairly animal whose ornate feathers solely scratch the floor of this hen’s fascinating traits. From Greek mythology to Egyptian hieroglyphs, to Persian poetry, to the Quran, the Hoopoe has impressed humanity since historic instances and continues to take action with its spunky character and breath-taking appears to be like. In the case of significant birds, the Hoopoe is the full bundle!

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