Historic human-size sea lizard rewrites historical past of early armored marine reptiles

An artist’s interpretation of what the newfound species, Prosaurosphargis yingzishanensis, might have regarded like. (Picture credit score: Wolniewicz et al. / eLife)

An extinct, 250 million-year-old marine reptile that was lined in bony armor and swam within the shallow waters of what’s now south China might rewrite the household tree of armored marine reptiles and trace at why they first emerged, a brand new research reveals.  

The newfound species, named Prosaurosphargis yingzishanensis, was recognized from a partial skeleton first found in 2019 at Yingzishan quarry in China’s Hubei Province. P. yingzishanensis belongs to the household Saurosphargidae, a gaggle of armored marine reptiles with broadened dorsal ribs that made them seem rather more stocky than different marine reptiles. (Sauorsphargidae is a mix of the Greek phrases for lizard, “sauros,” and leatherback turtle, “sphargis.”)

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