Harrier Symbolism & That means (+Totem, Spirit & Omens)

Harriers are hawks which belong to the “Circinae” subfamily of the “Accipiter” household of hawks. Harriers are attractive and distinctive birds. One of the crucial notable options of the Harrier subfamily is their distinctive owl-like faces. In contrast to different hawks, Harriers’ faces are round-shaped with stiff feathers which direct sound to their ears. Like owls, Harriers use each sharp imaginative and prescient and acute listening to in an effort to hunt and detect their prey.

The Harrier is a little bit of a misfit amongst hawks. Low-flying and owl-like, these hawks are sometimes tough for birdwatchers to establish. Female and male Harriers have vastly totally different appearances in addition to variations in habits. As the weird “black sheep” of the Accipiter household, Harriers encourage each fascination and awe within the individuals who get pleasure from them. On this article, we’ll take a look at the myths and symbols connected to Harriers in addition to a number of the distinctive and interesting virtues and classes that Harriers embody. (1)

Harrier Symbolism and That means

Harriers are likely to hunt small prey, comparable to rodents and different small mammals. They’ve been recognized, hunt bigger animals. Actually, Harriers are recognized to hunt bigger animals, comparable to giant waterfowl or rabbits, by drowning them. So, Harriers could characterize technique and energy. The Harrier could also be symbolic of the decided particular person’s capability to beat seemingly insurmountable challenges. With the proper technique and sufficient willpower, no meal is just too large to take down! (2)

Northern Harriers are sometimes considered good luck in agricultural settings and as associates to farmers. Most hawks have an advanced relationship with farmers. They’re prized for consuming agricultural pests like mice and different rodents, however they’re additionally reviled for his or her tendency to steal chickens and different smaller livestock like quails or geese. Northern Harriers are distinctive on this respect. They’re thought-about “good hawks” as a result of they don’t usually prey upon chickens or home fowl. Because of this, Harriers could characterize safety, good luck, prosperity, or purification. (3)

Male Harrier in Flight
Photograph by Pete Nuij on Unsplash

Northern Harriers are additionally distinctive because of the uncommon diploma of sexual dimorphism which they exhibit. Sexual dimorphism refers the phenomenon whereby men and women of a species may have noticeable exterior bodily variations. The truth that solely male peacocks sport that spectacular fan of tail feathers is a superb instance of sexual dimorphism. With peacocks, the distinction is extraordinarily seen, however many species have extra refined bits of dimorphism between the sexes. Within the case of Northern Harriers, grownup males are small and grey. They are usually noticed flying decrease and quicker than females. Grownup females are bigger and brown. One fascinating reality is that, when hatched, male chicks have yellowish inexperienced eyes. Feminine chicks’ eyes are darkish brown. As they mature, each female and male find yourself having the identical yellow eye shade. Within the birding world, Harriers could characterize the distinctive difficulties that include figuring out birds of various sexes or totally different phases of improvement. In a extra summary sense, Harriers could also be seen as representing masculine or female vitality in addition to the stability between the 2 of them. (4)

Harriers usually nest in free or unstructured colonies. Males are recognized to have as much as 5 mates at a time, nonetheless they often have two. Too many mates can pose an actual problem for the male Harrier who’s chargeable for looking and delivering meals to the feminine and chicks till the chicks are sufficiently old to be left alone by their mom for brief stretches. Harriers are additionally recognized for his or her spectacular free-wheeling courtship shows that are typically known as the “sky dance.” Harriers could also be taken as symbols of courtship, fatherhood, or affection. (5)(6)

Harrier Native American Symbolism

In line with the Texas Division of Parks and Wildlife, the Northern Harrier is related to a selected Native American superstition. It’s mentioned that, amongst some Native American tribes, the sight of a Northern Harrier on one’s wedding ceremony day foretells an extended and devoted marriage. (7)

Typically, hawks just like the Harrier are seen as symbols of braveness, energy, and safety amongst Native American cultures. (8)

In line with one Cheyenne legend, the hawk and the magpie have been the 2 animals which ended a interval of struggling for humankind. In line with this legend, people have been as soon as hunted by buffalo who subsisted by consuming people. The hawk and the magpie have been each variety and useful to people. They felt dangerous seeing humankind preyed upon on this method. Someday, these two birds challenged the buffalo to a race. If the birds gained, then the tables would flip and the people would eat the buffalo as an alternative. The race was shut, however the hawk was extremely quick and he managed to win. After that day, the people hunted and ate the buffalo and the individuals held the hawk and magpie to be sacred helpers. (9)

Harrier Christianity Symbolism

Harriers usually are not current within the Bible, nonetheless hawks are current in some items of biblical symbolism. Hawks are thought-about to be amongst the animals which might be too unclean to be eaten by people.

“From era to era it shall lie waste;
none shall move by it without end and ever.
However the hawk and the porcupine shall possess it,
the owl and the raven shall dwell in it.
He shall stretch the road of confusion over it,
and the plumb line of vacancy.”

— Isaiah 34:10-11 (10)

Circling Harrier
Photograph by Pete Nuij on Unsplash

This passage connects hawks to desolation and wildness. These birds are considered representatives of uninhabited and wild areas.

Harrier Celtic Symbolism

Celtic mythology associates the hawk with time, longevity, knowledge, and energy. The Harrier, particularly, doesn’t have a singular position in Celtic mythology. As a hawk, we are able to join the Harrier to Celtic hawk symbolism. In line with one Irish fable, an excellent grey hawk bore witness to all of the occasions of earth and lived for 1000’s of years. When the good hawk was able to die, he met a person named Fintan. The nice grey hawk determined to inform Fintan his story. Fintan was an historic man who had additionally lived for 1000’s of years and was fairly exhausted. The 2 advised one another about the entire wonders they’d witnessed. When their tales have been fully completed, the person and the hawk died collectively, marking the tip of two extraordinarily lengthy lives. (11)

Harrier in Goals

Dreaming of Harriers could characterize an upcoming drawback which can require a strategic or surprising resolution. Just like the Harrier, which has been recognized to drown giant prey when it’s unable to kill them utilizing its personal energy, it’s possible you’ll must discover a intelligent solution to resolve your issues. Typically, brute pressure is just not sufficient to get previous life’s challenges however if you’re fast in your ft then you may get by absolutely anything.

Dreaming a couple of Harrier can also be an indication of fine luck or cooperation. A Harrier dream my be a reminder that cooperating with surprising allies could also be the easiest way to deliver prosperity and good luck into your life. Simply because the Harrier is nice for farmers, not like different hawks which can prey upon fowl, it’s smart to provide others the prospect that can assist you.

Harrier Encounters and Omens

In line with Native American mythology, an encounter with a Harrier can spell excellent news for a budding romance. Harrier encounters are taken as an indication {that a} marriage shall be lengthy, fruitful, and completely happy. So, a Harrier encounter could also be an indication foretelling a joyous new romance.

A Harrier encounter can also characterize the cycles of 1’s life. The “Circinae” identify comes from the phrase “kirkos” which is Greek for “circle.” Harriers have this scientific identify due to their behavior of flying over the bottom in large low circles. This circling habits is a part of the Harrier’s sight looking technique. This reference to circles could join these birds with the life’s cycles. Encountering a circling Harrier could point out that you’re coming into into a brand new section or cycle in your life. (12)

Harrier in Mythology & Folklore

Within the following part, we’ll go over a couple of myths linked with Harriers particularly in addition to hawks generally.

Maori Mythology:

In line with Maori mythology, the Swamp Harrier, or “Kahu,” was the son of the fireplace goddess, Mahuika. In line with legend, the trickster god, Maui, as soon as tricked the goddess Mahuika into giving him every of her hearth kids. One after the other, he extinguished 4 of her kids till she grew offended and threw the final youngster at Maui, lighting him on hearth. As Maui was about to be struck by the flames, he remodeled into the Kahu. So, the Kahu‘s feathers have been tinged by flames and its colours have been without end modified. From then on, the Kahu was thought-about to be a deity linked with each hearth and the god, Maui. (13)(14)

Hen Harrier in Flight
Photograph by Vincent van Zalinge on Unsplash

Egyptian Mythology:

The Egyptian god, Horus, is depicted as a person with the top of a mighty falcon. Horus is the divine son of the god Osiris, the king of the gods, and the goddess Isis. Horus is related to management, imaginative and prescient, safety, and knowledge. Horus is predominately linked with falcons, nonetheless birds of prey are considered sacred symbols of management all through Egyptian mythology and imagery. (13)

Harrier Spirit Animal

In case your spirit animal is the Harrier then you’re more likely to be a stoic, targeted particular person with a robust sense of obligation and work ethic. Individuals with the Harrier as their spirit animal are usually personal and introverted. The Harrier spirit animal prioritizes its duties above all else.

Individuals with the Harrier as their spirit animal are dedicated to their family members and decided to supply them with the most effective lives doable. As a result of their duties are so essential to them, individuals with the Harrier spirit animal are likely to purpose excessive of their careers and work exhausting to attain a protected and affluent life-style for his or her households.

Harrier Totem Animal

The Harrier totem animal is related to life cycles. Individuals with the Harrier as their totem animal usually enter into life cycles which permit them to develop and mature. The Harrier totem animal is sensible and grounded. Whereas change is a scary factor, individuals with the Harrier as their totem animal are usually nice at embracing the modifications that life brings them, safe within the data that life will deliver them again to the place they should be.

Harrier Energy Animal

The Harrier energy animal is linked with stability. Individuals with the Harrier as their energy animal are nice at attaining stability of their lives. That is particularly essential, because the Harrier is commonly drawn to excessive depth profession paths. The Harrier energy animal understands that an excessive amount of of a superb factor, or something for that matter, might be detrimental to the stability of 1’s life.

Individuals with the Harrier as their energy animal are nice at balancing out the energies of others. They’ll have a remarkably calming presence in high-stress social conditions.

Harrier in Flight
Photograph by Joshua J. Cotten on Unsplash

Harrier Tattoo That means

A Harrier tattoo could characterize braveness, willpower, or energy. Moreover, a Harrier tattoo could characterize stability or life cycles.

A Harrier tattoo could have particular significance within the context of Maori mythology. An individual with a Harrier tattoo on this context could select the Harrier, or “Kahu,” to characterize Maori id, purification, or hearth.

A Harrier tattoo can also characterize prosperity, good luck, or cooperation.


With their owl-like faces and distinctive circling flight patterns, Harriers stand out fairly a bit amongst hawks. The lithe grey our bodies of male Harriers in addition to the big brown females of the species encourage awe and fascination amongst the birders who observe them. Harriers are stunning, keen-eyed hunters who remind us of the unimaginable majesty and energy of the animal kingdom.

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