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Stadler, S.R., Brock, Okay.M., Bednekoff, P.A. and Foufopoulos, J. (2023). Extra and larger lizards reside on islands with extra sources. Journal of Zoology, vol. 319, pp. 163-174. https://doi.org/10.1111/jzo.13036

Glaronisi means gull island in Greek. Glaronisi is not only one place as a result of many neighborhoods had an island notable for its gulls. We visited a set of gull islands for our analysis on Aegean wall lizards. From our observations, if an island had nesting seagulls, it usually had a number of wall lizards and people lizards had been usually giant. To check lizard physique dimension between islands, we measured snout-vent size of lizards captured on islands with and with out nesting seagulls. To do that, we first wanted to get out into the sector and catch some lizards!

Aegean wall lizard Podarcis erhardii. Picture by Dr. Kinsey Brock

Earlier than we get to the lizards, now we have to get on an island. In response to all our info, the lizards have been on the islands since these islands had been linked to a bigger land mass throughout the Ice Ages. Gulls fly out and in. For us, nonetheless, there’s water to cross. Out of the 34 islands in our pattern, 19 might be reached by a business ferry, six had been reachable by a conveyable kayak, and 9 by negotiating rides with an area boat captain.

Determine 1. Kayaking to uninhabited islets in the hunt for lizards (Amorgos island). Picture by Dr. Kinsey Brock

Wall lizards get their identify from usually being on the dry stone partitions people have piled up across the Mediterranean. These partitions and different good lizard habitat are filled with locations lizards can disguise. These lizards can usually be approached to inside a number of meters, however solely not often nearer. The important thing to capturing them is a 3-meter fishing pole. On the finish of the pole, we tie a tiny lasso. To catch a lizard with a lasso, you have to maneuver the open lasso across the lizard’s neck, then slide the lasso closed shortly by swiftly lifting up the lizard. Whereas different supplies will work, gliding dental floss was used for many of the lizard captures on this research.

Determine 2. Shelby R. Stadler lassoing a lizard off a dry stone wall (Sifnos island). Picture by Dr. Kinsey Brock

Our research documented that Aegean wall lizards are certainly bigger on islands with nesting gulls. On islands with out nesting gulls, lizards are bigger on bigger islands with extra sources. We didn’t measure the connections on this research, however different analysis suggests these are two routes to extra meals sources for lizards. Vitamins could be captured by native plant development. That is restricted by water throughout the summer season dry season, and bigger islands get extra and steadier rainfall. Vitamins are additionally captured within the sea, and gulls carry fruits of the ocean to islands the place they nest. Feces, meals scraps, and even shed feathers are all merchandise of the ocean that help arthropod abundance — and wall lizards feed on arthropods. Island populations of Aegean wall lizards are formed by the native ecological pressures they expertise and provide a pure laboratory of evolution for biologists to check how life evolves underneath totally different environmental circumstances.

Dr. Kinsey Brock

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