Crow Believes He is a Rabbit After Being Fostered With Damaged Leg by Couple With 5 Bunnies

SWNS / Andrew Silverwood

A crow hand-reared by a pair believes he’s a rabbit—hopping round their hutch and consuming their meals—after being adopted by their 5 bunnies.

The crow was rescued by Andrew Silverwood in England after he was discovered in the course of a busy highway with a damaged leg when he was round two weeks previous.

The 57-year-old and his spouse Suzanne introduced him into their dwelling in West Yorkshire. Now he’s staying within the hutch with their rabbits.

His restoration with the household was meant to be non permanent however they’ve determined to let him keep and named him Jake.

Cute movies the couple shares on TikTok present Jake cuddling with the rabbits and hopping round with them.

“The rabbits have accepted Jake as one among their very own,” mentioned Andrew. “He actually does suppose he’s a rabbit.”

“Jake has taken on the traits of the rabbits, and he’s so humorous when he hops round with them.”

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“He additionally squawks to them, like a chick would do to their mum. We all know when he desires feeding when he lets out a very large squawk.” @jakeeherealyloudcrow / SWNS

Jake was discovered by a passerby after he had fallen out of the nest and had no method of getting again as much as his mum and pa within the timber. The passerby then posted on an area Fb group that that they had discovered him and Andrew determined he would go and rescue him.

They by no means stored him in a cage. He had the choice to fly away however he simply stayed.

“We’ve got had so many individuals coming round to see him, all people loves him.”

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Jake has settled properly into Andrew’s household dwelling, feeding and hanging round with the rabbits he believes are his dad and mom.

Andrew, who owns a dairy enterprise, mentioned: “Once we first rescued him, we stored hand feeding him.

“He then stored going to the hutch each time he wished meals and we realized it was as a result of he thinks the rabbits are his dad and mom.

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