Coot Symbolism & That means (+Totem, Spirit, & Omens)

Typically mistaken for a kind of duck, Coots are literally members of the identical household as Gallinules and Rails. With a reputation like “Coot” you is likely to be picturing a buffoonish fowl, and also you’d be proper in guessing that the Coot is a bit goofy, however these aquatic birds are extra attention-grabbing than you may suppose.

In some cultures, it’s believed that the Coot was current when the world was made. Variations on this delusion even credit score the Coot with creating the earth beneath our ft. Coots are widespread, fascinating, and galvanizing birds. Their distinctive variations permit them to maneuver simply in water and on land in ways in which differ from geese. Though the title will not be a complete mismatch, their is far more to the Coot than mere silliness. (1)(2)

Coot Symbolism and That means

Earlier than diving into all the unbelievable and surprising concepts related to the Coot, let’s first talk about the plain. Coots are related to silliness, foolishness, or craziness as a consequence of their names. The title “Coot” was given to those birds when the scientific title for the Coot genus was assigned. The scientific title “Fulica” means “coot” in Latin. So, craziness has been related to Coots for hundreds of years. This status may come from the Coot’s seems, that are charmingly goofy, or from the way in which that Coots bob their heads as they swim. In any case, the Coot is firmly related to eccentricity, oddballs, and zaniness. (3)

Coot Feet
Photograph by Kieran Wooden on Unsplash

One of many options that makes Coots considerably uncommon to take a look at is their ft. As a substitute of getting webbed ft like geese do, Coots have lengthy slender toes with spherical lobes of pores and skin on them. These lobes permit the Coot to swim by means of the water equally to a duck, however while on land these ft are far more efficient for navigating terrain. Due to this, Coots could signify versatility, adaptability, or hidden abilities. (4)

Coots are wonderful at navigating each land and all kinds of our bodies of water. In terms of flight, although, Coots are usually considerably ungainly and clumsy. As a way to take flight, Coots typically have to realize a operating begin for a number of meters earlier than lastly getting airborne. So, the Coot could signify clumsiness, endurance, or an absence of coordination. (5)

Coots are sometimes present in giant flocks. These flocks can typically quantity into the hundreds and could also be blended with different water birds. These teams are sometimes heard earlier than they’re seen. Coots are chatty birds which make an array of various vocalizations and alarm calls. So, Coots could also be related to cooperation, sociability, neighborhood, and communication.

Coot Native American Symbolism

A number of Native American traditions forged the Coot within the function of “earth-diver.” The “earth-diver” is a standard Native American delusion through which a number of animals attempt to fail to dive to the underside of a primordial physique of water. The animal which succeeds varies based mostly on the area and tradition. In any case, the profitable animal brings up a clump of mud which turns into the land. From muskrats to grebes, the earth-diver function belongs to a slew of various creatures, however in a number of Native American cultures, the earth-diver is a Coot. (6)

So, the Coot could signify creation, perseverance, and new beginnings.

Aquatic birds in Native American cultures are sometimes related with the climate. They’re thought to convey rain or to foretell climate circumstances. So, the Coot could also be related to storms, rain, and climate in addition to divination and the long run.

Coot with Chick
Photograph by Mathijs de Koning on Unsplash

Coot Christianity Symbolism

Coots will not be birds who maintain a significant function in biblical symbolism. Neither current within the Bible nor featured in a lot non secular literature, these birds can not less than be seen as broadly representing the wonder and stability of the pure world as set forth by God.

Some Christian symbology sources record the Coot as a logo of religion. I can not find a definitive or historic supply for this concept, however symbolism is fluid so an absence of sources doesn’t essentially invalidate this concept. (7)

Coot Celtic Symbolism

Equally, Coots don’t maintain any main significance in Celtic traditions, nonetheless their noisy calls are claimed, by some unverified sources, to be related to or mistaken for evil spirits.

Birds in Celtic myths and traditions are normally related with the Otherworld. Aquatic birds are particularly potent on this connection due to their capacity to traverse a mess of various worlds. As a grasp of land and water, and too a lesser extent, sky, the Coot represents transitions, liminal areas, and the supernatural.

Coot in Goals

Dreaming of a Coot is likely to be an indication to let some levity into your life. The Coot acts as a reminder to not take oneself too severely and to seek out methods to chortle on the issues that one finds embarrassing. Dreaming of the Coot is a superb alternative to take a breath and keep in mind that every part doesn’t have to be gravely severe always.

Dreaming of a Coot may additionally signify feeling untethered or unstable. Coots have a tendency to construct floating nests woven from reeds and foliage. These floating rafts of particles are connected to stalks and comprise clutches of as much as a dozen Coot eggs. Dreaming of a Coot, particularly a nesting Coot or a Coot chick, may point out that you simply really feel weak and determined for some stable floor. (8)

Coot Nest
Photograph by Lia Maaskant on Unsplash

Coot desires may additionally confer with social bonds. Coots collect in giant flocks which can even embrace different aquatic birds. Dreaming of a Coot could point out a want to strengthen one’s social assist system and construct connections with as many individuals as doable. The one strategy to make pals is to place your self on the market, so overcoming fears and insecurities is a should.

Coot Encounters and Omens

A Coot encounter could signify introspection. Coots are recognized to dive beneath the water to forage for meals. As well as, watching them bob on the water reveals you solely a small a part of their distinctive virtues. From the chest up they resemble small geese, however the ft of Coots are what units them aside and offers them a novel set of strengths. A Coot encounter reminds you to not measure your self in opposition to others, as a result of you could be lacking a key energy or weak point that you simply can not see from the floor.

Coot encounters may additionally signify areas of 1’s life the place one feels unskilled or clumsy. Coots will not be as expert within the air as many different birds, however they will nonetheless fly. The Coot reminds you to be affected person with your self. Not each ability should be mastered and every part takes time. Regardless of how clumsy it’s, with operating begin the Coot can take to the sky. Be sure you give your self the time and area to develop earlier than assuming the worst of your talents.

Coot Flock
Photograph by Bruno Kelzer on Unsplash

Coot in Mythology & Folklore

Present in plenty of Native American traditions, in addition to just a few different cultural traditions around the globe, Coots are inspirational birds which have a wider influence than their small frames and understated look may lead one to imagine.

Native American Mythology:

Based on the Cheyenne model of the aforementioned “earth-diver” delusion, the Coot was the final of the birds to attempt diving down into the depths of the primordial sea on the behest of the creator. After diving to the underside, the Coot introduced up a clump of mud. The creator needed to form this mud, so she requested a volunteer from the animals to carry the mud on its again whereas the creator labored. The turtle was the one volunteer. So, the Coot and the turtle are considered assistants to the creator and are related to the creation of our earth. (9)

In Hawaiian mythology, the Coot is understood for its chattiness and is assumed to present warning when hazard is close to. (10)

Egyptian Mythology:

Coots are current, although extra sparingly than different aquatic birds, in historic Egyptian artwork. The aquatic birds, just like the Coot, which dwell on the Nile are extraordinarily necessary to Egyptian mythology, with a lot of them taking part in roles as spirits or deities. The Nile was considered a barrier between the kingdoms of the dwelling and the useless. So, the birds that dwell their are related to the afterlife and the transition between this world and the following. (11)

Hindu Mythology:

In a single Hindu story, a fox, Coot, monkey, and hare reside as hermits when a god seems to them within the type of a mendicant. The god asks every animal to supply meals for him to eat. The fox steals meals from a human dwelling, the monkey brings fruits kind a tree, the Coot catches fish for him, however the hare presents nothing however his personal flesh. Due to this, the god declares the hare to be a real hermit and accepts his sacrifice. (12)

American Coot
Photograph by Ok. Mitch Hodge on Unsplash

Greek Mythology:

Based on Greek mythology, Porphyrion was king of the giants and an enemy of the gods. He waged warfare in opposition to Olympus and tried to violate Hera, the queen of the gods. Ultimately Porphyrion was struck down by Zeus. The title “Porphyrion” means “Purple Coot.” (13)

Coot Spirit Animal

If the Coot is your spirit animal then you might be doubtless outgoing, sociable, and type. Individuals with the Coot spirit take pleasure in socializing, making pals, and connecting with others. The Coot spirit animal is usually present in individuals who attempt their finest to see the great traits in others and to dive beneath the floor earlier than judging somebody.

Coot Taking Off
Photograph by Amee Fairbank-Brown on Unsplash

The Coot spirit animal does issues at its personal tempo. Individuals with this spirit animal could have been made to really feel inept or silly in class, however this isn’t true. The Coot spirit simply wants time to be taught new issues and grasp new expertise. With the right time and area, the Coot spirit is each clever and insightful.

Coot Totem Animal

Individuals who have the Coot as their totem animal are versatile. Whereas they hardly ever discover themselves to achieve success on their first try, the Coot totem animal imbues them with the braveness to attempt new issues and the knowledge to by no means worry failure.

As a result of the Coot totem animal accepts failures as alternatives to develop, this totem is usually present in individuals who have a broad vary of expertise and experiences and are all the time open to attempting out extra new issues. The Coot totem could appear reserved, however this can be very brave.

Coot Energy Animal

In case your energy animal is the Coot, then you possibly can depend on this fowl’s energy to information you thru durations of transition. The Coot is constructed for transitions. With ft that operate as if they had been webbed within the water, however that simply navigate land because of their distinctive toes, Coots are wonderful at transitioning between worlds.

Depend on the Coot energy animal throughout massive adjustments. New jobs, new houses, and new household dynamics can all be tough to navigate, however the Coot will assist you to get your sea legs shortly and adapt to the adjustments that come your manner.

Coot Tattoo That means

A Coot tattoo could signify silliness. Coots are goofy-looking birds whose look is represented of their names. Playfulness, humor, and enjoyable are additionally related with a Coot tattoo.

A Coot tattoo could maintain cultural significance for Native American people. Such a tattoo represents the creation of the earth and the tales which were handed down from one’s ancestors.

Coot with Chicks
Photograph by Rolf Schmidbauer on Unsplash

A tattoo of a Coot may additionally signify versatility, cooperation, communication, or clumsiness.

Because of the Coot’s issue taking off, a Coot tattoo could also be a reminder to present your self sufficient time and area to shine.


Whereas Coots positively do embody a number of the zaniness that their title implies, it’s plain to see that there’s far more to this fowl than its title. From fascinating cultural traditions which join Coots to concepts as necessary and broad as creation itself to attention-grabbing variations which set them other than different aquatic birds, Coots are each attention-grabbing and inspirational birds.

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