Waiting Impatiently for Dinner – Summer’s Fabulous Cat Life


It's dinnertime and Summer's human decides to do a photo session before feeding her. And then she shoots a video! Will Summer ever get fed?

It was dinnertime, but my human took a look at the light in the dining room and dropped everything to take a few photos. Just my luck!

Somali cat looking cute to get fed

The big problem when this happens is that if I try to look cute so I can get dinner faster, my human just takes more photos!

Somali cat sitting on dining room chair and looking a bit grouchy

Then she wanted me to sit in one of the chairs, like I expected to be fed there. I was just expecting to be fed, period.

Somali cat at dining table with tongue out

I was hoping she’d get the hint. Then just when I thought she had and was fetching my food…she pulled out her phone and started shooting a video! You can see it below. At least I got fed in the end.

Here are some other times I had to wait for dinner:

Waiting Impatiently for Dinner


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