The Time Magazine Mess Up!


Summer gets a mention in Time Magazine's Cats Special Edition...and the editors misspell her Instagram handle!

I got a fun surprise earlier this week! I found out I was mentioned in an article about 10 Instagram cats to follow in Time’s Special Edition Cats magazine. Of course my human picked up a copy. Actually she bought two since Time publishes more than one cover, and the CVS she visited had both.

Cover of Time Cats

Getting a mention in a magazine this big is a huge deal! Except there was one problem…

Magazine page, showing incorrect Instagram name

They got my Instagram handle wrong! My human, who has been an editor at magazines, was horrified. And annoyed. Luckily, the typo sent people to an unclaimed Instagram name, so my human snatched it up and redirected readers to my real Instagram profile.

Somali cat with Time's Cats magazines and looking rather annoyed.

So I guess I’m still excited about the mention. But I was wondering why I wasn’t getting any new followers!

Here are other times I’ve been in a magazine (without typos):

The Time Magazine Mess Up!


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