It’s Easter Fashion Time, With My Bunny Cat Dresses


It's Easter cat fashion time, as Summer models a pair of cute, or at least semi-cute bunny pet dresses...and hats to match.

Last Easter, I had bunny costumes to model. This year, I have bunny dresses instead. I’m kind of glad about that!

Somali cat wearing a bunny print dress

The first one is a bunny print dress that’s kind of ruffly and cute.

Closer view of Somali cat modeling dress with pretty bow

One of the best parts is the pink bow with the heart crystal.

Somali cat wearing a spring hat to go with the Easter bunny dress

My human pulled out the pink and white hat that never quite works on me to see how it looked with the dress. Actually, it’s not too bad.

Somali cat wearing a dress with a bunny on the back and ears on the spaghetti straps

The second dress has a bunny face on the back and ears on the spaghetti straps.

Somali cat showing off bunny dress from the back

Here’s a back view so you can see the bunny better. Although the idea is cute, I’m not so sure about the execution.

Somali cat wearing a bonnet with the bunny dress

My human also had a hat to try on with this dress. I kind of think it’s a fashion fail, but you tell me!

There’s also a video, so you can see me in action, modeling both dresses.

Here are some of my past Easters:

It\'s Easter Fashion Time, With My Bunny Cat Dresses


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