Don’t Dress Up Your Cat…Oh, and Here I Am, Dressing Up


Summer shares a short video in which she tells people not to dress up their cats...while dressing up in several outfits.

Recently a video of me wearing this dress went viral on Instagram! Which is always lots of fun. And there were so many comments that eventually I wasn’t able to keep up. But there were several comments asking how I got trained to wear clothes, and I wanted to address them in a fun way.

Somali cat wearing a black and white dress and necklace

As many of you know, I just enjoyed wearing clothes from the start, so there was no training to be had. There are some other Instagram and TikTok cats that do dress up too, but we are in such a small minority! Most cats really hate wearing things. It doesn’t feel good to them, and they feel restricted. Some cats don’t even like wearing collars.

Somali cat in a polkadot party dress and matching hat

So even though I do lots of dress up photos and videos, and really enjoy them, I don’t encourage people to do that with their cats. And that’s the point of the video below. Except, of course, I had to dress up to do it! Check it out.

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Don\'t Dress Up Your Cat...Oh, and Here I Am, Dressing Up


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