Dinton Castle, a charming little mansion in Buckinghamshire with a honey-colored castellation façade, is up for sale for £675,000.

Sir John Vanhattern first constructed the Grade II listed castle in 1969 as a place to preserve his enormous collection of ammonite and fossils, many of which have been incorporated into the structure itself. This quaint house, full of history and character, is a great choice if you’re trying to downsize.

The property is arranged over three levels and features a ground floor kitchen/diner, a first floor sitting room with an octagonal form, two bedrooms, two bathrooms, and stunning views of the surrounding countryside.

Castle for sale in Buckinghamshire

Despite its modest size, the house is filled with charming historical details all around. It’s ideal for a new family to move into, with floor to ceiling windows, low ceilings, wooden flooring, cozy furnishings, and exposed brick walls.

The roof terrace, which homeowners may reach from the third level, is arguably the nicest feature of all. You’ll undoubtedly find the nicest views around if you head up there.

Castle for sale in Buckinghamshire

What about the neighborhood? There are a few schools, a tiny, family-run bar, a church, a post office, and useful stores. Five miles away is Aylesbury, the place to go if you’re looking for a busier town.

Feeling tempted? Michael Graham is presently offering Dinton Castle for £675,000.

Castle for sale in Buckinghamshire


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