In search of a remodeling project? For a mere £130,000, an ancient castle nestled in Aberdeen, Scotland’s deep folds is up for sale, however considerable restoration is required.

Located close to the mouth of the Ythan River, Knockhall Castle was constructed as a towerhouse circa 1565. Rich in historical significance, this property is ideal for individuals seeking to purchase a home away from the typical path.

Castle for sale in Scotland

There used to be an enclosed courtyard to the south of the castle; however, all that’s left is a broken round tower. The house will require a total makeover, so if you want to make an offer, you’ll need an eye for renovation.

Large rectangular windows from the mid-17th century that are located on the south and east walls of the castle provide ample natural light. It looks like several of the 16th-century windows still have gun hooks on their sills (perhaps used by soldiers during the war).

Castle for sale in Scotland

The kitchen’s fireplace, the spacious cellar, the wide hallway, and the breathtaking vistas from every angle are other noteworthy characteristics.The Sinclair family formerly possessed the property on which it is now located in the thirteenth century. It was the castle they constructed for their son Henry, who would go on to become the sixth Lord Sinclair. Unfortunately, a fire destroyed the building about 1734, forcing the family to leave.There are a few excellent schools in the region, which will also please parents of small children.Savills is presently asking £130,000 for this home.


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