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Fast Camptosaurus Info

  • Lived in what’s now often known as Europe and North America
  • So long as 1/2 the size of a semi-trailer
  • Weighed as a lot as 2 Grizzly Bears
  • Its title means “versatile lizard”
  • Was an herbivore

Camptosaurus Photos

About Camptosaurus

Camptosaurus is a dinosaur that was first found on September 4th, 1879 by William Harlow Reed. It was found in Albany County, Wyoming. Across the identical time of this discovery, Othniel Charles Marsh found one other one and named it Camptosaurus – which suggests “versatile lizard.” It’s believed this dinosaur lived throughout the late Jurassic interval – about 145 to 156 million years in the past.

Listed below are some fascinating info about Camptosaurus: This dinosaur is roughly 23 toes lengthy, 4 toes excessive and weighed round 2200 kilos. That might imply it weighed as a lot as 2 full grown Grizzly Bears mixed.  Judging from all the Camptosaurus specimens which were discovered, it’s believed that they primarily lived in North America and Europe.

As you possibly can most likely see from the next Camptosaurus photos, these dinosaurs had been heavy constructed creatures with robust hindquarters and extensive toes that allowed it to carry its physique upright. These dinosaurs additionally had massive snouts that had a complete lot of tooth and had a sexy beak that was most likely helpful in tearing via powerful vegetable matter.


Judging from what they’ll inform about these dinosaurs, it seems that they had been herbivores and solely dined on crops. A few of the crops that may have been of their weight-reduction plan embody: membership mosses, ginkgo, conifer needles, horsetails and ferns.

Like most herbivores, these dinosaurs most likely traveled in massive herds for cover from predators. Whereas they don’t have loads of defensive options individually, in the event that they labored collectively as a bunch they may have fended off carnivores so much higher. Particularly in the event that they had been as quick as paleontologists imagine them to be.

Many scientists imagine that these dinosaurs might run at a high velocity of about 15 miles per hour. They imagine that as a result of different iguanodons are additionally believed to have quick operating speeds. If that’s true, then that would have made all of the distinction of their survival. And in the event that they traveled in herds, then it’s fairly attainable they moved on the bottom a lot in the identical method that birds transfer within the sky.

Camptosaurus Photos

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