The Dunning–Benedict House, a notable example of Romanesque Revival architecture, stands prominently at 1200 Pennsylvania St in Denver, Colorado. Constructed in 1889, this historic building is currently listed for sale and offers a unique opportunity to own a piece of Denver’s architectural heritage.

Architectural Significance

  • Design and Construction: The house was designed and built by the renowned Denver architect William Lang in 1889. Lang is also known for designing the famous Molly Brown House, which is located nearby.
  • Architectural Style: It showcases the Romanesque Revival style, characterized by its commanding presence and intricate stonework.

Historical Context

  • Original Owner: Initially built for Walter Dunning, a real estate entrepreneur in Denver.
  • Subsequent Ownership:
    • In 1898, it was purchased by Mitchell Benedict, who served as Denver’s City Attorney and a Justice on the Colorado Supreme Court. Benedict was instrumental in the construction of the nearby Capitol Building.
    • The Benedict family owned the house until 1930. Afterward, it changed hands multiple times and was known as the Graystone Castle.
  • Later Uses:
    • By the 1950s, the building had been divided into several apartments.
    • In 1964, Leland Rudofsky bought the property and used it as the base for his real estate company. It was later sold and has since been used to house law offices.

Current Status and Recognition

  • National Register of Historic Places: The Dunning–Benedict House was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1984 under building #84000811, cementing its status as a historic landmark.
  • Present Use: Today, the building serves as the location for various law offices, continuing its legacy as a functional part of Denver’s architectural landscape.

This property not only offers a glimpse into the rich tapestry of Denver’s historical and cultural evolution but also presents a rare opportunity to preserve and partake in its future story.


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