Saybrook Point Hotel & Spa has reopened Tall Tales, as shown on the right. Next to Three Stories, actually.

I was invited to Saybrook Point Hotel & Spa two years ago to take a tour of the main property, which is the newest addition—a luxurious hotel named Three Stories. I returned to the island last week and stayed at a newly renovated and exquisite hotel known as Tall Tales.

Established in February 2016, Tall Tales is a discreet, yet elegant, Italian-style guest house located next to Three Stories. Similar to its neighbor, Tall Tales evokes the feeling of lodging at a charming bed and breakfast while providing a view of the Connecticut River.

Tall Tales comprises six rooms, two on each level that serve as communal areas. Each room is themed after actual people who have significant connections to Old Saybrook. Additionally, each room is furnished with various color palettes and furnishings that capture the essence of their own families. The name of my room is Barbara Mayard, who is regarded as Old Saybrook’s “Tow Mother” due to her involvement as a former first selectman and registrar of voters.

The Barbara Mayard room, located on the second floor of Tall Tales, is a private sitting area separate from the main bedroom. Not that the bedroom is diminished by this space. There is an electric fireplace in my bedroom and a cozy balcony just outside. With a full-size bed and a front poster, the fitted sheets have a Victorian aesthetic but are still cozy enough for a pre-determined day.

Its full bath complements traditional fixtures, with a walk-in shower with a seat in lieu of a bathtub. There is WiFi available in these rooms at Ploughs Tall Tales. There is a billiards room on the second floor as well. There is a tiny kitchen area and an open-floor patio dining room on the first floor where guests can grab a muffin or piece of fruit or use a Keurig to brew delicious coffee.

There is Parki¿g accessible through Tall Tales and Three Stories. The locations of both galleries are across from the mai¿ iοο. Fresh Salt, the maitre d’, provides breakfast, lunch, and dinner, as well as brunch once a week. Its methods are simple and advance New England’s agricultural sector. Eleven treatment rooms and services such as facials, massages, manicures, and pedicures are available at the Iÿο’s Saÿÿo Spa. Features include indoor and outdoor swimming pools, a cutting-edge fitness center, ballroom and event rooms, and a marina that can hold boats up to 200 feet in length.



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