Ancient Iron Master’s House: An Uncommon York County Treasure

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Summary:Situated in the center of York County, the iconic Iron Master’s House connected to the Codor’s Face offers a unique chance to inherit a piece of history. Dating back to 1754, this property boasts well-preserved cemeteries and is currently awaiting a new chapter with a reconstructed cathedral that is prepared for an adventure. Spread across 21 acres, this residence offers a blend of historical charm and expansive natural beauty, making it more than just a place to live but a legacy.

Important Features:

Kind & Design: Sigle Family occupy a home in the colonial architectural style, which honors the area’s historical heritage.
Colossio: Originally constructed in 1754 with multiple additions, it featured extraordinarily thick walls made of stick-built materials and a floor consisting entirely of stone.
Condition: Extreme restoration is necessary; this project is ideal for individuals who are passionate about historically restored buildings.
With four or five bedrooms, a bathroom, a living room, a kitchen, and a dining area, this home offers 4,160 square feet of external living space.
Large 21-acre tract with a mix of flat terrain, meadows, and partially forested parts, as well as access to a stream or creek; perfect for nature enthusiasts and outdoor enthusiasts.

Positioned in the scenic Mott Wolf region, within the Codor’s Face subdivisio, it provides a unique haven of escape that is also quite close.

Additional Pointers:

Parking: Includes off-street parking options and a one-car attached garage. The driveway is intended to be wide, and there is alternate parking accessible on the other side of the road.
Unique features include a large porch with sea-facing views of Codor’s Creek and trails that lead to historical stone walls along the creek, signifying the area’s rich history of iromoving.
Utilities: Outfitted with septic and well systems, electric water heaters, and baseboard heating.
Absence of Cooling System: One thing to think about is creating comfortable spaces throughout the waters.
fires: This residence has three fires, which enhance its ambiance and coziness.

Bedrooms and Bathrooms: There are five bedrooms and one full bathroom, which can accommodate different living arrangements.
No Baseme¿t Area: This area has a partial baseme¿t preset and reflects the historical context.
The outside features a gated porch that overlooks the backyard, a single-car garage, and 21 acres of mixed-terrain woodlands with a stream.

Investing Opportunities:

Financial Incentives: Benchmark age-based competition is set at 3%, and purchase conditions can be customized to fit cash, bond, or portfolio investments.
Ownership: Complete ownership rights are provided via the fee-simple ownership option.

This historical gem is not just a house, but also a testament to the rich history of York County. Suitable for individuals who wish to restore its beauty, the Iron Master’s House is expected to be a fulfilling endeavor for both preservationists and history buffs. Accept the opportunity to create your legacy inside its walls.


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