The Magnificent Mansion In the Californian North
There are a number of well-known mansions in Northern California in addition to a few lesser-known ones. A stunning piece of art and a California Registered Historical Landmark, Gable Mansion is located in Woodland, California. This home serves as the focal point of Woodland’s tiny historic district.

The Gable Mansion is a fantastic setting for pictures. The gorgeous property is surrounded by Yolo County’s picturesque scenery and features aspects of Victorian, Italianate, and Gothic architecture. It seems straight out of a movie!

At the moment, the house is occupied. It is okay to snap photos outside, but please don’t ring the doorbell. The gardens on the property are occasionally available for public activities.

Constructed in 1885, the residence features an Italianate Victorian design. Gable Mansion, at almost 11,000 square feet, is an absolutely magnificent residence.


Since many historic properties are privately held, the owners may or may not decide to allow the public inside. Visitors are welcome to stroll around, snap photos, and read the inscription that details the house’s construction date and purpose.

Numerous historical sites can be found in Northern California. See our pick of the top 11 historical sites to see, which includes Sonoma Plaza and the John Muir House.

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