“I knew it has gone crazy, but I didn’t know it was the most popular home—ridiculous,” stated Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices listing agent Nate Granata. that’s [Reference required] The realtor described the thatch house as “the face of Charlevoix,” adding that “when it went [up] for sale, there was a frenzy and everyone kind of went wild.” It seemed as though a bomb went off as everyone in our town started acting strangely.

Right now, the main house and its accompanying separate guesthouse are on the market for a combined $4.5 million.

The stone walls that still stand today were built in 1918 by Earl Young, who also built the spectacular main house, which spans approximately 4,000 square feet.

Granata says that Lake Michigan, which is diagonally across the street from the property in question, is where the stones first appeared. The living room provides a view of the neighboring lake. You may get greater views in the winter, when the weather is colder and the leaves have fallen off the trees.

Young designed this home, and he is also the architect behind a few other mushroom-style homes in the Charlevoix region.

Since Young was known for constructing buildings without using plans, every house he built is distinct. With their rounded lines, rough stone, lots of wood, and amazing mushroom-shaped roofs, all together, they have a whimsical quality that he carefully considered while designing each one to blend in with the surroundings.

This foreclosed home had been unoccupied since 2012 before the current owners bought it for $349,000. Among these was the thatch roof, an element that piqued the interest of house aficionados across the entire nation, from coast to coast. During their extensive makeover, they chose to preserve Young’s stone walls, having designed the house on a napkin. This was the start of a huge project.

“The owner is passionate about engineering and took on this side project as a side project. He holds a doctorate in engineering.” “He completely renovated the house, from the floors to the roof, and it looks just stunning,” asserts Granata. Everything was imported from overseas and made to order.

According to Granata, the roof was installed by a master thatcher who came out and installed the thatch, which was imported from Europe. It formerly had a mushroom-shaped roof, but it was made of no thatch material at all. It was simply your typical shingle.

Granata calculated the cost of the renovations and found that they were quite expensive.

In the main house, there are six bedrooms and five complete bathrooms. The main bedroom and a loft are part of the approximately 2,000 square foot living area of the guesthouse.

Even if they are not part of the sale, the furniture’s inclusion might be discussed during the exchange. Every piece was carefully chosen by hand to enhance the unique charm of the home.Nowhere in the house is a door that leads to Home Depot. Granata continues, “I think everything in that house has been carefully thought out, and I really love the originality of it.” Everything in the house was either made specifically for it or imported.

In addition to renting out the house to others, the owner resides there personally. A website marketing vacation rentals states that the nightly charge is between $1,100 and $1,900.

Granata said the buyer of this house will probably be someone who appreciates the unique qualities of the home and finds joy in its artistic components.

You could really construct or purchase anything you desired with $4.5 million. There wouldn’t be any limitations.You really have to love living in there to invest that kind of money on a home of this caliber,” he says. It’s truly quite beautiful. From the bottom to the top, everything is exquisite.


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