Built between 1900 and 1903, the Judge A.E. Singleton Mansion is a historic property located in Thomaston, Georgia. This once grand residence is currently for sale, offering a unique glimpse into the past through its distinctive architectural style—an East Lake variation with Queen Anne embellishments. The property still features original shingles on the tower’s roof. Below is a detailed look at the mansion’s history, notable events, and ownership changes.

Historical Background

  • Birth and Early Life: Alexander Edward Singleton was born on January 2, 1864, in Thomaston, Georgia. His father, also named Alexander E. Singleton, was a veteran of the Confederate Army. Alexander Jr. pursued an education at Union Springs High School, Riverside Military Academy, and the University of Alabama.
  • Family and Marriage: In 1889, Alexander Singleton married Jimmie Powell in Union Springs, Alabama. They had eight children: four sons and four daughters.
  • Military Service: During World War I, A.E. Singleton, Jr. served in the AEF and was assigned to the Camouflage Corps after participating in six major battles.

Professional and Political Life

  • Career: Before venturing into politics, Singleton founded a millinery shop and served as a merchant. He was the mayor of Union Springs twice and also served as Bullock County probate judge.
  • Political Challenges: Singleton faced accusations of sloppy bookkeeping and misappropriation of funds in 1911. He resigned from his position as probate judge in 1913 following corruption charges.

Personal Tragedies and Legacy

  • Tragic Losses: The Singleton family suffered several losses, including the death of 14-year-old James Powell Singleton after a hunting accident in 1911. A.E. Singleton, Jr. passed away unexpectedly in 1933, deeply impacting the family.
  • Death and Funeral: Judge A.E. Singleton died in 1933, and his funeral was held at his home. His wife passed away in 1938.

Property Ownership and Changes

  • Later Ownership: The property changed hands several times after the Singleton family. It was owned by the Cope family in 1932 and was later purchased by Austin and Agnes Jones in 1992. It was last occupied by the Whyte family before going into foreclosure.
  • Current Status: The mansion has been vacant since the early 2000s, with no local contact information available for the current owner.

Historical Recognition

  • Historical Society Naming: In the 1980s, the Bullock County Historical Society renamed the property the Singleton-Powell-Rivers Home, reflecting the names of significant families associated with its history.

This historic mansion now awaits a new chapter, presenting a unique opportunity for preservation and revitalization of a significant architectural and cultural landmark.



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