Description of Real Estate

Three separate water access points are available for this 6.9-acre estate on Carleton Island: 198 feet directly in front of the property, 287 feet in North Bay, and 330 feet along South Bay. The last occupant of the house was about seven decades ago. Its base is made of stone, and the upper stories—which are held up by wooden frames—have crumbled. The Island has access to power and water that is drawn from the river, even though there is no connection to the Villa’s services.

15,000 square feet, 6.9 acres, with 11 bedrooms

Location of the Carleton property: Lot 1, Cape Vincent, New York 13618.

Past Events

In the 1890s, Wyckoff Villa was built by William O. Wyckoff, a sales agent for E. Remington & Sons who would go on to form the Standard Typewriter Manufacturing Company, Incorporated in 1886. Wyckoff Villa bears his name. Wyckoff died the day after he moved into the 15,000 square foot (1,400 square meter) hybrid Richardsonian Romanesque-Tudor Revival mansion, which was built by William Henry Miller. The residence was occupied for a brief length of time. General Electric intended to turn the property into a corporate retreat during the short time the firm possessed it.


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