The F.W. Knox Villa at Old Hickory in Coudersport, Pennsylvania, is starting to be rebuilt.
USA; Pennsylvania; Coudersport, Pennsylvania

An abandoned Italianate villa on the main street of Coudersport, Pennsylvania, is presently being restored by a family in the aim of turning it into a venue or—more likely—a bed and breakfast. Built in 1880 for Franklin W. Knox, the F.W. Knox Villa was formerly known as the Old Hickory Tavern. The Potter Leader-Enterprise reported that the 5,070 square foot house was owned by several people before the Lehigh Valley Mauser family paid $58,100 for it in 2016.

Due to the failure of the plans, the building was left empty for several years.
The Potter Leader-Enterprise reports that the current owners plan to fix a few damaged windows, repair the side porch, and return the roof to its previous state.
A 55-foot tower overlooking Coudersport, two spiral staircases, and a multitude of bay windows are features of the building. The homeowners have begun posting updates on their renovations on social media. Visit the F.W. Knox Villa in Old Hickory if you use Facebook or Instagram. Pictures via Old Hickory’s F.W. Knox Villa Facebook page and Google.


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